The Start

Lady Cheep joined the DSGHQ Community in late March of 2014-Early April 2014, accomplishing many impressive things.

Game of Mods (May 2014)

Cheep got her 'big break' by leading a Moderator competition team called Glitz, she astonishingly led her team to 2nd place behind team Freehawks. Although Cheep did not win, she managed to earn the position of Knight for making it far. Cheep never abused and followed her orders as Knight.

Lady of the Bank

Not too long after Cheep's promotion to Imperial Knight, she came up with an idea, that idea is the DSGHQ Bank. It was accepted and later in the month Cheep was promoted to Lady of the Bank, having to turn in her armor for a bonnet and gown. Now Cheep is known as Lady Cheep around OldCP.

Empire Replaced

Within three months of Cheep being Lady of the Bank, protesters exclaimed they wanted the 'old' version of OldCP back. Since Damen was a reasonable man he agreed to this but was not too happy with it, resulting in the protesters being banned for a few days. After that, the Thrones were replaced with the old Office of OldCP, and all the medieval-themed rooms were gone along with the ranks. Meaning, Knights, Bankers, Emperor, and the Lady of the Bank were all gone.

OldCP Moderator

There was a session called at the Office of OldCP and Cheep was promoted to OldCP Moderator. She was given an option to accept or decline the offer. Cheep excitingly accepted the offer and re-logged in to see her blue name color.


Cheep later in August 2014 was promoted to Detective of OldCP by Inspector Hashir.


Cheep was entrusted with a firearm and trained with Inspector Hashir and Sir Tennis the Great. After some accidents with the gun, many users were restricted from their weapons, Cheep being one.


Cheep joined the DSGHQ community with such pleasure and honesty as she earned ranks quickly. Cheep is well trusted and known around the community.

Ice Ghost War I

Cheep was introduced to a new type of specimen called 'Ice Ghosts'. Once Cheep was even held hostage by the Ice Ghost Queen, SnowFalls who also kidnapped Bp28, a fellow moderator at the time. This all triggered the major attack which would be called Ice Ghost War I. Cheep later was faced with the actual war. Cheep was attacked by The Hound at the Ice Berg along with Tennis, sadly Cheep did not make it but Tennis survived and managed to contribute to the ending of the first attack.

Ice Ghost War II

Cheep again found herself in a similar situation with the Ice Ghosts. This time the attack was anticipated for the 14th of December. Sir Tennis the Great, Sir Gamer the Great, and Sir Bp28 the Great all contributed to defeating the major Ice Lords. Tennis had killed Uzu, the commander of the Ice Ghost army, Gamer had killed SnowFalls, the Queen of the Ice Ghosts, and Bp28 killed the all mighty King of the Ice Ghosts, Raegon.


Cheep joined Snaildom as a Beta Tester and she also was a Moderator on there as well. Cheep was also given her old rank 'Lady of the Bank' as she joined which was a pleasant surprise. When Snaildom opened to the public, Cheep made sure every user was protected from profanities and inappropriate behavior.

Regent Queen

Around the 1st-2nd month of Snaildom releasing Cheep entered a competition where you compete to earn the following ranks, Regent King, and Regent Queen. Surprisingly, Cheep and Cyberwolf won the competition and were crowned King and Queen Regent of Snaildom!


On February 22nd, 2015, Cheep resigned from her position as Lady of the Bank, Forums Moderator, Queen Regent, and OldCP Moderator. Leaving the Imperial Bank to be run by Sir Tennis the Great.


Cheep is now back as Lady of the Bank and will continue until the end of time. Alongside her friend, Tennis. They will now serve as Lord and Lady of the Imperial and DSGHQ Bank.


Cheep is now a Moderator of OldCP once again. This is her 2nd time being one.

Death of Lady Cheep

Cheep was shot down by a few of Mickey's henchmen when trying to fight them off along with Hashir, SuperMikey, and much more.


Lady of the Bank
Aliases Caolainn, Cao, Kayla
Titles Lady of the Bank, Moderator, Regent Queen of Snaildom, Former Detective, Former Knight, Forums Moderator, Wiki Moderator, Lord/Lady of the Empire
Gender Female
House Glitz
Death July 19th 2015
Related Sadie, Tennis, Bp28