The Beginning

In June of 2013, Frozo began her journey by searching on the internet for an old version of Club Penguin and came to the thought of creating an account named, "Perry38888." As she gained her experience, she decided to create another account named, "Frozo" around November of 2014.


Around July of 2014, Emperor Damen Drake promoted Frozo as the rank of Detective. Months later, she was demoted due to cursing and leaking information.

News Reporter

Around November of 2014, PenguinDSC promoted Frozo as a News Reporter. Later, she was demoted due to her actions with a staff member. Her profile picture was changed and she was given the non-existing badge of poop.

XAT Moderator

In September of 2015, Frozo became a trusted user to the community and was promoted as a XAT Moderator.


A few months after, Frozo and Tornado were found cussing on the XAT chat while it was hacked. They were also found creating inappropriate accounts. As a result, both Tornado and Frozo were banished and named scum of the empire.

Banishment (again)

Sometime in 2016, Frozo briefly returned to OldCP. Although she had matured, she had too much fun with the /F 50 command and custom player card backgrounds. As a result of her frequent shenanigans, she was imprisoned and then IP banned until her return in 2020, although she occasionally appeared on the DSGHQ forums.


In June of 2020, Frozo made a return to the community. With her seniority and newly-established wisdom, she instantly regained the trust she had lost. She was promoted to Royal Jester and can be found lurking within the depths of the DSGHQ Discord.


Royal Jester

Aliases Nikita
Titles Detective, News Reporter, Master, XAT Moderator
Gender Female
Birthday 22nd November 2001
House Crime Solvers
Related Tornado, Bakon