It was a dark, gloomy day. Bakon was very bored and staring at his blank computer on the game Club Penguin. He had become a very bored man and remembered the old days of Club Penguin when it was known as 'Oldcp.' Bakon suddenly saw a webpage called Oldcp. He clicked it and began his journey to find a way to play OldCP.

Early Years

Bakon first joined with his account 'iDrake' which he rarely used, except on special occasions. The year was 2013, during the end of OldCP v4. Bakon never had any friends until his next account, Frodo907. His first major break was in the Disney Wars. Bakon found it very fun and knowing he would like to become a rank someday and achieve something like all those other people. Bakon then went on to Frodo907, making this account his main account. He met Freddy and Oldspeed, who became his good friends.

New Account

The time had come for Oldcp to have a temporary shut down. Most users were on the xat which had been set up and some users were lucky enough to play the quick game Damen set up. Bakon and everyone else were worried about there accounts and what would happen to them, it was soon revealed to have some of the accounts gone, Including Bakons. Bakon had started on a new account in the same relation to a user's name IWUVBACON and Bakon decided to make it IWUVBAKON. He made loads of friends on IWUVBAKON including Gamer, Freddy, and Key123.

Wise, Game of Mods and Detective

It was series 7 of the Game of Mods, Bakons first mod comp. A nice man named Key123 kindly allowed Bakon to join the team Freehawks. Bakon was so excited about this and hoped to win a mod comp like many other users. It came down to the last stage, FH was still in. It came down to the tie-breaker which Bakon luckily won, finding the smallest staircase on oldcp. The finalists had to run the Pizza Parlor and with the help of the non-finalists, run the shop. Bakon also won the rank Wise One. As he came there was a user called Nicholas Angel looking for new detectives. He kindly chose Bakon to become a detective.


Bakon got promoted to Detective, Wise, and Banker on Snaildom which he was proud of but he was soon to get a higher rank. Damen offered Hashir a promotion to Inspector leaving the rank of Sergeant available, Damen chose Bakon.

War of Damensday

Detectives found out that the DD in the vaults meant an attack on Damen's Day. Early morning in the UK and very early in the EST time zone, The war had begun with SirPJ coming in as an Ice ghost. It started at the courtyard where The Frozen_1 troops came in ready to attack. Bakon knew Mickey would be here so Bakon arrested Mickey and shot him in Jail. Bakon was trusted with a Firearm in a previous era. Bakon also helped Sir Gamer slay the evil queen Snowfalls thus letting Damen give him the rank 'Detective Sergeant Bakon the Great'

Demotion from Moderator

Bakon was soon demoted for not banning a user when he was cussing, even know he did ban him in the end.

Most Wise

Out of nowhere, Bakon got most wise, a rank he has been wanting for ages

Demotion from Most Wise One

Bakon was sick of the community and announced he was leaving. He wanted to keep his rank but he was eventually demoted from inactivity. He still comes on from time to time but


Aliases Frodo
Titles Detective Sergeant, Moderator, Wise One, Most Wise
Gender Male
House Freehawks
Related Gamer, Hashir, Freddy