Joining the DSGHQ

PenguinDSC joined club penguin in early 2010 as 'KrazyD25'. It was very fun, and he was interested in it very much. There were exciting games and parties. He joined during the 2010 Fall Fair party for club penguin. He was fascinated by the history of club penguin and joined in 2010 when seeing a friend play in 2007. It was standard, but amazing to his mind. He played until mid-2013 when he found out about item adders, hacking, and pretty much putting a new look on rare items and bringing them back. Two months later, he looked up old club penguin and found a website called When he joined, there were helpful moderators and he was interested in all the graphics and clothes. So, he stayed there because he loved its design and his friends who he met.

Early History

PenguinDSC started oldcp in June of 2013, in v5 of Oldcp. Ever since then, he has helped the community of the dsghq. The first person PenguinDSC met on Oldcp was Fizz, and shortly after, he met Hashir, and Bailey (known as Hiphop and Chucker321). He had been very good friends with May23 and Sadie.

Origins of the Name PenguinDSC

At the time, PenguinDSC didn't know what to call his account, so he'd thought of Penguin but didn't know what else. His initials are DSC, so he stuck with PenguinDSC and stayed like that.

Becoming Moderator

May23 and Penguin stayed positive and helped others. They had stayed positive through their time and hoped to pursue their dreams as moderators. One day in November of 2013, PenguinDSC was summoned to an igloo to find out that he was made moderator, along with May23. That day was joyous for PenguinDSC. Later in that month, he was made forums moderator, and at the time, the forums were still called the oldcp forums.

Moderator Competitions

Surprisingly, PenguinDSC has never been in a moderator competition, just judging. He tried to join the 4th Moderator Competition but was not available at the time. He had made a team called the acid puffles, and that is where he got his first outfit, a hippie outfit, in which there were no outfits. His first Mod comp was the fifth moderator competition, where he had been a judge with about 6 other moderators, which was a lot of mods at the time. In the 7th moderator competition, he was a regular member, but before it had started, he became a moderator once again.

Penguin Isles

Penguin Isles was a game of Penguins made by Damen Spike, and Penguin was chosen to be a beta tester. When Penguin Isles arrived, it was popular and was an interactive game with many fun games and activities. Sadly, it was not popular enough, so it closed down a couple of months after being started in late 2013.


Crimezone was a fun roleplay added to oldcp in 2013 but ended in 2015. At first, it was a fun roleplay to win credits by solving mysteries that happened around the island. It was very fun for all and got very serious in 2014 and 2015 where the evil villains would actually kill penguins. It was still very entertaining and people loved it. PenguinDSC himself solved a mystery about Mickey, a villain from the past.

Becoming Administrator For The First Time

After 9 months of being with oldcp and the dsghq, PenguinDSC earned Administrator for the first time after being a big help to all. It was in March of 2014, and PenguinDSC was very excited. Although, it didn't last long, and only for an hour or so because Cyberwolf (The Current Emperor Helper) didn't think he was ready, so PenguinDSC was demoted back to moderator.

Becoming Administrator For the Second Time

During a Session held by Emperor Damen Spike, PenguinDSC found out that he would become a permanent Administrator. For a couple of months, PenguinDSC held the Administrator rank, but Disney had closed Oldcp again, because of Copyright.

Leaving the DSGHQ + Return

After PenguinDSC was demoted from Administrator, he could not be active, so he left for a couple of months. After a month of being back, he was elected Moderator along with IndigoPalace.

The Coming of Snaildom

There were no more games to play at the moment, but Damen announced that there would be a new game like the game Snailschat he had made a while ago; Snaildom. Everyone was excited because Damen gave many intriguing pictures for Snaildoms coming. It took him a couple of months, but it was finally out for beta testing. PenguinDSC was included, along with many others. Snaildom was very fun and had a forge where you could make clothing items out of gold and ores you found in the black mine. It was very interactive and fun and was soon released in 2014, where PenguinDSC was an Administrator on it. There was a Game of Kings, which would show who was the King and Queen of Snaildom. The winners were Cyberwolf for King and Cheep for Queen. There was one Game of Mods held there on snaildom, and Sled won. An emperor's apprentice was also held, and the winner was Hashir.

The Return of Oldcp

In Late 2014, Oldcp came back to the public, and PenguinDSC came back as administrator. Oldcp had returned and everyone was very happy, but not many played snaildom anymore.

Demotion of PenguinDSC

In late December of 2014, PenguinDSC announced he would not be active anymore, so his rank of Administrator was given to Tennis.

Return to The DSGHQ

PenguinDSC returned a couple of weeks later and was a Moderator of Oldcp. He was pronounced a lord and is a Lord Moderator to this day.

Participation in the Second Warlord Competition.

In early January, PenguinDSC was invited by Sir Tennis to the Second Warlord Comp. The contestants were Adawg, Sled, PenguinDSC, Gamer (known as screenhog), The Mountain, and Bp28. PenguinDSC and the other contestants fought hard, but soon the winner was the Mountain, who was a warlord from the time he won to early May of 2015.

Winning World Champion Spring 2015

On the 29th of May, 2015, the World Championship was started. There were four matches; 2 Snowball deathmatches, and two Damenball matches. For the first match of Damenball, PenguinDSC had made a strategy that he would follow. PenguinDSC ended up winning the first two rounds because of how well he had played in Damenball. In the last two matches, there were deathmatches on the snowball server. PenguinDSC wasn't in the top few but still managed to get over ten each time. Mckinlee won the first snowball match, and Dancebear won the second. Everyone then waited on the main server for Damen to come back and announce the winner. The scores were tallied. The final winner was PenguinDSC for his great skill in the Damenball matches and being great at all of the sports they played that night. He was pronounced The World Champio of Spring, and Adawg gave him a blessing for the future of his legacy. PenguinDSC was given the title 'World Champion' soon later but first was given the world champion apparel, which is pretty much a white shirt with a rainbow dsghq logo on it.

Obtaining Moth Priest

July 25th, 2015 was the 2nd Moth Priest Trials. In the first round, coaches taught penguins and asked questions about knights, moth priests, etc. The finalists were chosen by the group, each had 2 from each. They were Sirsam, Cysero, Sled, and Music being mentors. DSC was in Cysero's group, for it was a small one where he could do well in. The finalists were Isnail, Etnaiii, DSC, Mists574, Caeser, and more. The second round was a quiz in which everyone could participate, but only finalists were counted. After the quiz, the 2 moth priests were chosen. The winners were DSC and Caeser.

Becoming 2015 Damenball Cup Champion

DSC won the Damenball cup by scoring an astonishing 80 goals over a 3 day period, in second place was chococupcake, in third was cpmaniac.

Welcome Back PenguinDSC!

PenguinDSC was a war knight during the war on tuxedo and died soon, but after the war, everyone was healed and so was PenguinDSC, being dead for half a year.



Aliases Daniel, DSC, Disk
Titles Moderator, Lord, Blogger, World Champion, Moth Priest, Soccer Champion, Administrator
Gender Male
House Stags
Related CPManiac, Fluffybacon, Bp28, Adawg, Lylance, Angi