Greys are a faction which is morally grey or neutral. They tend to side with good and those who side with evil are typically shunned.


There are two different factions of greys: Stone Masons and Dunes.

Stone Masons

The Stone Masons are a faction of greys that is overseen by Aule, the Lord of Crafts. Aule prides himself in being a master craftsman and thus gives his followers hammers so that they too can try their hand at carving great works out of stones. The hammers are not just for craftsmanship, they also make for mighty weapons which can easily crush opponents.

There are different colors of stones. The darker stones are called 'Obsidian Stones' and have more often than not turned to evil.


Dunes are a factions of greys that is overseen by Tulkas, the mighty warlord. Dunes are often also referred to as 'Stazs.' Originally, the Dunes would wield powerful axes as their weapon of choice but recently they too have turned to using hammers.


In the past, Stones and Dunes have often shared fortresses to operate out of.


Khaduz was the original fortress for the greys. It was crafted by Aule himself on Stone Isle to serve as both a home and a base of operations. Khaduz was later destroyed after the draconians took control of Stone Isle.


Humm is another great work of Aule. He constructed it after the greys reclaimed Stone Isle and it still stands today. Humm has a number of secrets which have yet to be unlocked.


Stazfort is the unfinished work of the Dunes on Stone Isle. It stands in disrepair as it has often been the target of vandalism by evil.


Morally Grey

Aliases Dunes, Staz, Stone Masons, Stones
Related Aule, Tulkas