Stone Isle

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Lore Implications

Stone Isle was created by Aule. On Stone Isle, Aule showed off his architecture abilities by creating the first castle on the land called Khaduz. It is possible that he resided there for a time with his wife, Yavanna.


Stone Isle was discovered on Penguin3D on June 7th, 2021. The only areas were the Airport and the Khaduz castle.


Pythas invaded Stone Isle and constructed a dark torch to show off his presence, while also knocking down Khaduz. Alatar engraved 'Curse Aule' in the ruins.

Pythas' torch, the ruins of Khaduz in the background.

New Castle

After Pythas's presence left the island, Aule rebuilt a new Castle, called Humm. Humm is the highest point possible to reach in the game, it is mainly used for meditation.

Humm, the new Castle erected by Aule

Ancalagon's Conquest

Stone Isle was invaded by Ancalagon the Black on 12/30/2021, under Angurad's leadersihp for the Fire Drakes. The Fire Drakes were victorious in the war and threatened to destroy Humm as a display of their strength.


Aule would reclaim Stone Isle after Ancalagon's Fall on 4/4/2022

Stone Isle

Remote Isles

Location Furthest Lands from The South
Past Rulers Aule, Angurad, *Aule*
Ruling House Illuvitar

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