Tulkas is known for being a Warlord as well as holding the title of 'Gatekeeper and Guardian of the Universe'.


Tulkas is a man who is slow to anger as well as being slow to forgive people who have done wrong, this combined with the amount of strength he possess makes him a very formidable enemy if one is unlucky enough to become an enemy of his.

Tulkas is known for finding much joy in partaking in and viewing feats of strength and has been known to laugh loudly during battles of any kind. He was the only one who was fearless enough to laugh directly into the face of Melkor. Tulkas wields no weapon in particular, but has shown much preference for axes and hammers of great power. He also does not ride any animals.


Tulkas is the physically strongest of all the former Forest Lords. He was even stronger than Melkor himself, which made Melkor fear Tulkas more than he feared any other of the Forest Lords.


Tulkas is married to Nessa the Swift. With her he had four children, Eonwe (Telkastaz), DuneDain (Vorostaz), Fable (Nyaristaz), and DuneKin (Immolastaz). Tulkas also has a grandson named Ronaldo (Ronaldostaz).

Tulkas proposing to Nessa the Swift.

Wars Against Melkor

In the early days, Tulkas was of the last to descend to Arda, only coming to assist the in the wars against Melkor. Due to his help, these early wars were won and they quite possibly may have been lost without him. It did indeed take three powerful Forest Lords, which included Tulkas himself, Manwe, and Orome, to defeat Melkor and drag him into the void in his second war. Without the great strength of Tulkas, Melkor would never have been chained up.

Tulkas chaining up Melkor

Return to Arda

Tulkas did eventually return to Arda after Nameless One departed. He came with great hope and spirit in order to help end Pythas once and for all. He sang a song to share a prophecy with everyone. The song also told a little about the old times of when the Valar were great.

Tulkas' Song
When pine and peak are covered, by a blanket so fluffy and white, when the skies are filled with specks glittering in the sun, when fall does the ice of the word, and cover the lakes in crust.. then will come the Lady of Winter Skies, adorned in purple white herald the daughter of Varda, and fall will the star, the morning star will melt at last in the snow, by me I hope. That is why I have ice flames. Where was the stars on the night of Yavanna, where the audience was filled with light, and the moon glimmered in a haze of beauty above her head adorned, above her shroud were moonlight, blasting through the seams of her dress.. she walked in novalight towards her groom. There was Aule, strong and handsome.. in his hand was hammer. And thus they kissed in the space above. Their futures assured by a seal of moonlight and starlight... from the Heather of Talanar to the skies of Ahu.

Quest for the Rings

Tulkas mainly desired to get possession of the rings, or at least The One Ring in particular. He murdered the one who possessed The One Ring after that person had murdered Nook. He then took it upon himself to protect the ring at all costs. He thought that since he was so strong physically and since he came from the old times when the Valar were great, that he would better be able to bare the ring without its ill effects of mind control.

Sadly, Tulkas would be wrong in his assumption.

Effects of the Ring


After Tulkas obtained the ring, he slowly became more and more controlled by it. He desired power and became greedy for it. He desired to rule over Arda and the skies above, and he wanted to do this by killing Pythas so that he, himself could replace him and his New World Order. Tulkas also became obsessed with the ring and would not let anyone else touch it, he would never let it leave his person.

Moments of Clarity

Eventually, Tulkas would see what the ring was doing to him. He went to Kutya for help. He offered the ring to her for her to bare as she was named to be a ringbearer by Nook long ago. She was ready to take the ring off of him if it was what he truly desired. He was convinced to do otherwise though and he went to Das with the intention to destroy the ring.


After Tulkas was convinced to take the ring to Das to destroy it, he was quickly consumed by it. He turned completely black and said that he now served Pythas. Then, he decided to challenge Pythas and attempt to kill him for dominance. Sadly, Tulkas fell in his quest and was killed by Pythas on October 11, 2020. Pythas then took back his ring.


After his death on OldCp, Tulkas would transcend into the third dimension (Penguin3D).

Rebuilding Dunes

Tulkas quickly set to work building up a family of Dunes. The Dunes are grey warriors who generally fight for the forces of good. On OldCp, Dunes would pride themselves on the axes they wielded. In Penguin3D, Tulkas switched over to using a mighty hammer that was forged by Aule and he also armed his Dune Warriors with them.

Corruption Continued

Tulkas would still be slightly corrupt from having held The One Ring in OldCp. He became quicker to anger and more reckless.


After Tulkas' grandson Ronaldo was mercilessly vanquished by T10, Tulkas plotted against the will of The One to vanquish T10 himself. When T10 repented and was pardoned by The One, Tulkas then became so enraged that he turned into an evil obsidian dune. He continued to plot his vengeance against the fallen Arda protector.


Gatekeeper and Guardian of the Universe

Aliases The Valiant, Tulukastāz, Astaldo
Titles Gatekeeper and Guardian of the Universe, Interstellar Executioner, The Great Warlord, Champion of the Valar
Gender Male
House House of Illuvitar/Astaldo
Death October 11, 2020: Sanctum, to Pythas
Related Nessa, DuneDain (Vorostaz), Fable (Nyaristaz), Amildan, DuneKin (Immolastaz), Telkastaz, Ronaldo (Ronaldostaz)