Similarity to Morgoth

Aule, also referred to as "The Smith", was responsible for crafting all that which makes up Arda. He is similar to Morgoth in both his thought and power. Like Morgoth, Aule is capable of crafting original things and creating his own beings. Aule did not stray to evil like Morgoth did, rather he wanted to keep true to Eru and the Music of the Ainur. He strove to stand against Morgoth and his evil acts. Despite being extremely powerful, Aule remained compassionate and humble, unlike Morgoth.


Aule is married to Yavanna, who is also known of as The Queen of Earth and Giver of Fruits. Yavanna assisted Aule several times with some of his creations, such as in his creation of the sun and the moon.

Aule and Yavanna

Students of Aule


In the early days, Aule had a strong desire to pass on his knowledge to others. As there was no other races created yet, Aule created his own race, the dwarves and moulded them in his image. Aule's creation of the dwarves was flawed and not capable of independent life as he was not powerful enough to create an independent race. Aule went to destroy the race of dwarves after Eru expressed dissatisfaction with Aule's actions. Eru stopped Aule from going through with destroying his dwarves and granted them independent thought as Eru decided to accept them.

Aule creates the race of Dwarves.


Aule also took in Mairon (Pythas) as one of his students. While Aule was mentoring Mairon, he became Aule's greatest and most skilled apprentice. Aule was greatly hurt when Mairon turned and started serving Melkor. Aule still greatly admires Mairon for his skill, but now he is filled with hatred and anger.

Aule and young Sauron.

P3D Apprentices

On Penguin3D, Aule dwells on Stone Isle, where he trains users to become Stones. Some of his apprentices have included: Majorhalo, Skylinr, Orbay, Warth, and Turquito.

Aule on Penguin3D.

It is not hard for users to join Stones, one must simply say to Aule that they desire to become a stone. Aule may or may not test the user's patience and loyalty before allowing them to join him. The only ones who cannot join Stones are those that are aligned with evil.

Feuds with the Draconians

Aule has had many feuds with the draconians since first coming to Penguin3D as he has created a very unkind reputation for himself amongst them for constantly cursing them.

Stone Isle

There have been several instances in which the draconians have warred Stone Isle to claim ownership of it for themselves. The draconians won one of these wars and even though Aule himself showed up to fight, he was unable to keep the land. After winning the land, the draconians tore down Kaduz. Kaduz was a great work of masonry that was once the greatest architectural achievement in all the lands which was crafted from stone by Aule himself.

Eventually, Aule and his followers would win the land back. While Kaduz was beyond repair, as half of it sits at the bottom of the ocean, Aule decided to create a new temple on the land. This temple is called Humm.

Aule on Stone Isle with his mighty hammer.

Banishing Draconians

Aule has also taken it upon himself to have all the draconians banished from AchTo, which further decreased their liking of him. Whether or not Aule did this on Nameless One's orders isn't exactly clear as he started banishing draconians one by one and declared some of them kill on sight himself after they annoyed him on the holy land of AchTo.


One day, Aule declared himself to be very mighty and said that he is like Nameless One. This was determined to be an act of blasphemy by Mandos and his assistant Lord Law. So Aule was taken to court by the Mandos Law Firm and brought before the Lord of Interstellar Law for a trial. Aule did not show up for his trial. While Aule was found to be guilty of blasphemy, the verdict was invalid as the trial was not held in the forest, which is where holy trials such as these are supposed to take place to be considered legitimate in the eyes of Nameless One. The trial was declared to be invalid and Aule was set free.

Against Ancalagon

Aule has spoken much of Ancalagon and how good and evil must unite in order to defeat the great dragon and Fire Nation in order to save Arda. In fact, since the dragon threat arrived, Aule has been much more kind to the draconians, even going so far as to speak to Nameless One about unbanishing them from Achto so they can help in the wars. He has also helped them train their strength a number of times.

Rallying the Troops

On December 13, 2021, Aule announced he was going to go off into space and ask the other ainur who were residing there to come and help fight Ancalagon. Aule would not return in time for the dragon invasion on December 14th, leading people to assume that Aule had actually abandoned Arda to save his skin.

Aule would return though. On December 27th, Aule came back from his mission empty handed. Defeatedly, he admitted all of the ainur had refused to come help fight the Fire Nation and had said it wasn’t their battle. But Aule decided that he would help in the war, even if it means death.


Aule fell into a depression after Ancalagon was vanquished. He went and hid in the void for many weeks so he could privately mourn the death Pythas. It turned out that deep inside, Aule still had love for his former apprentice and was heartbroken when he died.


The Smith

Aliases Aulë, Mahal, Návatar, Oli
Titles King of the Stone Isle
Gender Male
Related Yavanna, Pythas, Melkor