Hell's Location

Hell is an alternate world above the 3rd dimension, it is identical to the human world except that in Hell you are invisible, intangible, and unable to speak directly to the human world. Any spirit in hell or in heaven is uncontactable by any means.
Below is the 3rd Dimension and above Hell is Heaven, the 5th Dimension.

Melkor's Nebula

Creation of Hell

Hell is not fire and brimstone but it is a realm for spirits to live when their mortal form passes on. In this realm, spirits can make new bodies, manifest powers, or bless humans with powers. If powers are not directed from The Nameless One, they are sourced from Hell. Hell in actuality is the Nebula of Melkor located in Heaven. This strange nebula contains a black hole inside of it, which transports spirits in heaven into hell.

How to Enter Hell

Hell can be only be accessed via death if the person who died is in the body of a perfect man. The only other way to go to hell is to either consume high amounts of DMT to see spirits in hell, or use a quantum form as a perfect man. There are no other ways to enter hell besides that.

Entering into Hell

Rulers of Hell

This is a list of the rulers/wardens of Hell
  • Melkor the Menace
  • Pythas
  • Ghast
  • Mighty Zain
  • PIG
  • Ungoliant
  • Lord Ghashnuz
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Spirit World

Aliases Trials, Melkor’s Nebula, The 4th Dimension
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