Nameless One

Nameless One created the world. Persons he made, both spirit person and mortal. The spirit persons that were Lords that were given titles, for example, Aule, the builder, etc. To each Lord, he gave Princes, spirit persons to work for each Lord.

Ruling the Heavens

Nameless one ruled the heavens since the creation of Ea and judged many trials.

Nameless one ruling the heavens

Leaving Heaven

After a while of the ruling, Nameless one left heaven and went to Ach-To, an island North of Dorval by two miles. There are two ways to go there, via simulation, and via teleportation/sailing.
Ach-to has two rooms, a bay, and a cave where Nameless one sleeps.

Ending Mandos, and ending Legacy

On 2/25/2020 Nameless One smote Mandos, and deleted him from existence. He then said he will reset all immortal life, and make all mortals, because of Pythas' question. Perhaps Pythas planned this all along.


Nameless One has descended to Penguin3D, like most Valar have. There he lives on Ach To as well, exiling himself from the valar. He also has raised the continent of Beleriand, and all of its kingdoms.
See: Lords and Ladies of Arda

Nameless One

Creator of Ea

Aliases Eru
Titles Creator of Ea, Lord of Space
Gender Male
House Iluvatar