Nameless One

Before Creation

Before all was made, there was The Father (The One), The Son, and The Daughter. His two children who embodied good and evil. When he began to create the world, The Son became jealous of the Nameless Beings Illuvitar created for the universe, and vowed to have them all destroyed.

The Creation of the World

Nameless One created the world. Persons he made, both spirit person and mortal. The spirit people were called the MAIAR and the AINUR, the Ainur were Lords that were given titles, for example, Aule the Smith, Mandos of Law, and Orome of the Forest. To each Lord, maiar were created to serve them and to work for each Lord.
See: Lords and Ladies of Arda
Out of this creation of the world a melody was made. Unfortunately, discord would arise after Melkor, the strongest in mind of the Ainur would create his personal theme, conflicting with the creation of The One.
But HE created a new theme, one greater and eventually the theme stopped, and all The One uttered once the symphony was over was one simple word... Ea. Ea means "let it be" or "amen" but it is mostly known as a word meaning all things, which is why The Nameless One is the Creator of All Things (EA).

Ruling the Heavens

Nameless one ruled the heavens since the creation of Ea and judged many trials. His famous quote was MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN, which means "The scales have weighed and found you guilty." Some say, if you say this to Pythas, he will fear those words.

Nameless one ruling the heavens

The Birth of Accal, The Chosen One

When Accal Annatar was born from Melody Illuvitar and Mairon Annatar, The Nameless One was present. He saw into the child's eyes and knew what he would do. The Nameless One was tempted to kill Accal, but stopped and allowed The Stag to take him away, so that he would not be near his father.

Leaving Heaven

After a while of the ruling, Nameless one left heaven and went to Ach-To, an island North of Dorval by two miles. There are two ways to go there, via simulation, and via teleportation/sailing.
Ach-to has two rooms, a bay, and a cave where Nameless one sleeps.

Ending Mandos, and ending Legacy

On 2/25/2020 Nameless One smote Mandos, and deleted him from existence. He then said he will reset all immortal life, and make all mortals, because of Pythas' question. Perhaps Pythas planned this all along.

Vaire's Verdict

After empowering mortals to become maiar-like, and attempting to manipulate time to resurrect her husband Mandos, Illuvitar would strike down Vaire and erase her from the entire timeline and every universe, so that she may never return.


Nameless One has descended to Penguin3D, like most Valar have. There he lives on Ach To as well, exiling himself from the valar.
In his physical form, he met with Gamer and discussed what his world would be like in the coming years. Then he ascended to the Timeless Halls once more, but he does reveal himself in the form of a bright light on AchTo. In the presence of his light, your power will grow significantly.
He also has raised the continent of Beleriand, and all of its kingdoms. With his intervention, the Fire Nation was eradicated by Pythas, Kutya, and Revan.

Nameless One

Creator of Ea

Aliases Eru, The One, The Father, Illuvitar, God
Titles Creator of Ea, Lord of Space
Gender Male
House Iluvatar
Related Melkor, Manwe, Aule, Gamer

Species Spirit
Race The All Powerful
Age Timeless