Ungoliant is thought to be the creation of Melkor but her origin is not completely known. Some speculate that she came from the void before the creation of Arda (known as a Nameless Thing) and some say she is an evil spirit in the form of a spider. Others theorize that Ungoliant is a well trained maia who took on the form of a great spider to impress Melkor. In any of these instances, Ungoliant was the first giant spider to ever roam Arda. She possesses great power and great hunger. She has even been known for consuming people.


During her early years, Ungoliant lived in a dark cave where she produced many offspring. It is highly likely that Ungoliant is the distant mother of Shelob, another rather large spider.

Working for Melkor

Since Ungoliant was a dark being, it is logical that she would work for Melkor in his evil plots. She even became one of his Nazgul and would produce spiders to fight in his armies.

Ungoliant and Melkor

Two Trees of Valinor

Working under Melkor's instructions, Ungoliant drank the light from the Two Trees of the Valinor. The power from the sap made her grow into an even larger and more hideous form than what she had been before. Her size and appearance even intimidated Melkor for a time.

Ungoliant and Melkor fled from the area to avoid being caught. Ungoliant feared that Melkor would not repay her for her work. First, she demanded that he give her some powerful gems Melkor had stolen. She consumed these and grew to an even greater size than she had from drinking the tree sap. This did not satisfy her and so she demanded that Melkor give her the silmaril to eat. Melkor refused and so she tied him in a great web. Melkor screamed in pain and agony, which summoned his Balrogs to fight Ungoliant. Ungolaint fled from the fight.

Ungoliant fighting the Balrogs of Melkor.

Dagor Dagorath

During Dagor Dagorath, Ungoliant would fight for Melkor as one of his Nazgul. She first appeared in the oldways and fought all across the south, attacking southern war knights and spawning spiders along the way. Ungoliant was defeated in the abandonedpool through the group effort of all the war knights.


Ungoliant was revived by Cthulhu using the ring of Sealock. Ungoliant came back bigger and stronger than ever, claiming to be more powerful than Melkor himself! She took over Das after taking it from the DRAKE military.

War on South

On December 20, 2020, Ungoliant sent thousands of spiders to take over the south, then she fled to providence, to distract the Southern warriors from the war in the South. There she took on many Southern fighters and killed a number of them with her great power. Her distraction worked, as the South lost the war due to people spending too much time on Providence and not enough time fighting Ungoliant's spider army.

Ungoliant did not keep the South for herself and gave it to Turin instead to try to tempt him into evil by making him power hungry.

3rd Dimension

Like most crimezone Characters, Ungoliant descended into the 3rd dimension, where she took over the kingdom of Doriath (Menegroth) and currently resides there. While Fire Nation was strong, she served under Ancalagon the Black.

Her Ladyship

After Ancalagon was vanquished, Ungoliant came into the competition to become the new Dark Lord, or Dark Lady in her case. After Pythas' ring was melted in the fires of Orodoom, Ungoliant even started to rule over the Nazgul. She made Amir her lieutenant.

Taking over Beleriand

As the most powerful dark being alive, Ungoliant started to take over the various kingdoms of Beleriand. She succeeded in taking over Gondolin and Vinyamar and had the rulers of Nargothrond and Himring submit to her so that they could keep their lands.


Ungoliant would go back to lurking in the shadows after dominating most of Beleriand and the lands she took over would be reclaimed by their former rulers. She even feigned that she was leaving and giving up. She even gave the Forest a Silmaril, though it would turn out to be a fake that she had created from spiders silk.


Queen of Spiders

Aliases Gwerlum, Virilome, Rhianníon
Titles Dark Spider, Lady of Menegroth
Gender Female
House Spiders
Related Melkor, Shelob