Melkor was the one who wove discord into the world in the beginning. He became the instigator of all evil.


In the beginning, it is not known what Lord Melkor's original purpose was. However, he evidently was not happy with his role and went on desiring to do and create things of his own. He was bored of the void and wanted to fill it with his own ilk.


Melkor went out to do his own things and created Orcs, Goblins, Spiders and more.

Dealings With Fire

He also went out to search for the flames that do not perish nor have smoke. He found Arien, the Lady of Fire and created from her The Balrog of Morgoth. These spawns of fire became the bane of the deep. He also spawned forest princes of fire, one being Flame and another being Rouge. The others spawned from his relations with Arien were:

- Consuming Flame
- Drogoth
- Gothmog the Lord of Balrogs
- Ancalagon the Black
- Smaug the Terrible
- The Sons of the Flames (They are many flame beings)

Melkor and his creations, some of which he spawned with Arien.


His evil influence turned many to his side. Many of these were Lords and others were Princes. Some of the Lords to join him were Mandos and Vaire. Countless other Princes joined him, most recognisably these were: Arien, Gothmog, Marukez, Pythas, Maria, Melody, Pack of Swines: The Legion, Newmexico and many, many more.

Captured and Cast Into The Void

During his conquest in the east, he was attacked by Orome and Manwe, his brothers. His Princes rushed to his aid, apart from one, his lieutenant Pythas who cowered in the Tower of Gothmog.

Morgoth's Princes were imploded by the mighty Orome and Manwe and Morgoth was captured and taken to the Court of Valinor for trial. Morgoth pleaded for mercy but was denied. He was thus cast into the Void, beyond the Halls of Mandos for three ages.

Morgoth captured and chained up.

Return and Dagor Dagorath

The thousands of years before his return were anxious years, all looming under the imminent threat of this menace's return.

When that time finally arrived, Morgoth was ready for war. He knew nobody could stop him.

Unexpected Opponent

But during his time away, a man was born, and not any ordinary man, but he was Turin Turumbar the Chosen One of Annatar: Accal the Brightlord! This son of Brightness was born to Melody the Daughter of Orome and Mairon Annatar, the son of Nameless One.

Fall of the Doom of Our Time

Doom seemed unavoidable during Dagor Dagorath. All rooms became black and the horns of Morgoth were everywhere. People were flopping dead constantly and lava was pouring out of the void and hell on earth was evident.

Melkor takes every land immediately and nobody can stop him

Balrogs and Cavetrolls fill every room and many perish

Morgoth kills Pythas' wife


The Mighty Turin's blade struck true as Morgoth doubted all who came against him.

Morgoth implodes as Turin's blade strikes true

New Age

A new age begun after his death. See: Dagor Dagorath

A return?

Some have claimed spotting Melkor on Penguin3D. Due to the fact that many dead beings have come back on the game, such as Manwe, Mandos, and The Witch King, its theorized that Melkor may return soon too. Members of the forest reject this theory, calling those who believe his return possible fools.


The Menace

Aliases Morgoth, The Menace, The Black One, Dark Lord, Overlord, Master of Doom, The Rebel
Titles The Menace, King of the World, Doom Bringer
Gender Male
Death 13th January 2020, Dorval
Related Manwe, Orome, Mandos, Vaire, Pythas, Arien, Gothmog, Ancalagon, Flame, Rouge