Damen Spike

Damen Spike is the creator of the DamenSpike GAMES HQ. Having founded the popular website in December 2013, it quickly grew thanks to the game community.

Early Life

Spending most of his early online life discovering how to program, Damen Spike quickly became able to create his own small game and applications. Since 2011, he has created several games of his own.

Not just using his abilities to create online games, but websites like the one you are using at the moment. Damen originally went by the name Tent. Later on, the name Sauron and Damen were used.

Origin of the name Damen Spike

On the chatbox website of Xat, Damen created a new user account named Damen Spike. It was inspired by the character Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon. There's not much more to say, the name is mostly imaginary.

Growing Reputation

Damen joined the Rile5.com community during his first year online. It marked a large part in his career online. Having made a personal reputation that still exists today on the site, he had got his work cut out as a programmer.


Damen Spike studied server-sided programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Node.js. Alongside backend programming knowledge, frontend programming languages also followed. Using his abilities as a backend programmer, he learned how to build websites from scratch.

Old Club Penguin

Damen Spike has lived through an obsession with the original playable version of Club Penguin that he was introduced to as a 10-year-old.

Whilst understanding an amount of programming, he sought to rebuild the game himself. Though hard attempts were made, the young programmer's abilities were not enough to capture the realism of this memory. Though it was just the first version, OldCPv1 attracted much interest from players that shared his interest.

OldCP continued growth as a playable remake of the early versions of Disney's Club Penguin. As it did, Damen sought help in re-creating the game using original game code and files. After failed attempts at finding help, Damen finally had 'cracked' the original game client.

OldCP Updated

When this happened, clubpenguin.pro began. The versions without the original game code amounted to two. This edition was OldCPv3 using the 2005 Club Penguin version. The client was later updated again and became OldCPv5, a later version of Club Penguin (2007).


Damen encountered problems with sustaining OldCP as it grew. Disney, Club Penguin's owner, sought to legally close OldCP because of claims of Copyright Infringement. Not much else is to be said that many version upgrades on OldCP were subject to this matter.


Damen's games were mainly multiplayer virtual worlds, ranging from 2011 to the present day.

Early Game - Duck Club

Duck Club was the first game made by Damen. The work of a novice produced a small game in which users could chat with the help of SmartFoxServer.
Single Player Test


2013 - SnailsChat

Damen's journey to professional skills brought along the way another, much more advanced virtual world which was created from scratch and was not powered by SmartFoxServer like before.
SnailsChat in 2013

SnailsChat was shut down when the users that played dropped rapidly and was too much work to sustain with no return. It made history with players and the DamenSpike GAMES HQ.

2013/2014 - PenguinIsles

Not much is known about PenguinIsles. It was an action game based on a story invented by an array of Islands. Players could transport to different islands and discover a landscape by walking through it like a 3d game.

When released, it was glitchy and its beta was public. Users quickly were swayed by the glitches and difficult gameplay.

All of these issues were addressed, the gameplay was vastly improved and bugs were fixed. But it was too late for the game as users forgot it existed due to the distraction of OldCP.

It was the shortest-lived virtual world made by Damen. A lot of hard work was put in, but few responded because of its unique fashion that people were not used to. The game also lacked content and was extremely hard to sustain.
Penguin Isles

2014 - Snaildom - Kingdom of Snails!

Snaildom is a free exciting new virtual forest for kids where they can interact, play games, and more.

It was developed by Damen from 2013 to its Beta release date in early October 2014. It was and is currently the most advanced developed game of the DSGHQ. It is also by far the most successful.

One thousand registered on the first day and it continued to grow. Players enjoyed the overflow of content due to better development and improved graphics. The features were also unique and none-glitchy.

DamenSpike GAMES HQ

Damen began the DamenSpike GAMES HQ, otherwise known as DSGHQ for short, at the beginning of 2014. It was mainly to brand a focus to multiple games rather than one, which had been OldCP.

Thus, the OldCP Community was changed to DamenSpike GAMES HQ Community. It was exactly the same other than bringing many updates and organized game discussion sections.


Damen created the Empire shortly after the DSGHQ brand. Thus, Damen made himself the Emperor and named his first Emperor Helper to be Cyberwolf.

Criticised Rulership

Damen received daily positive feedback, though Damen's personality changed since the beginning of the year. He is seen as more serious than before and thus some things have gone wrong over the first year of the DSGHQ.

Allegations made against Damen's tolerance of other people's opinions and allegations towards not condoning freedom of speech throughout the DSGHQ Empire has lead to heavy problems.


Damen is criticised for hosting games influenced by roleplay. Although roleplay does occur, it is not all directed by Damen, rather, created by players themselves.


Damen Spike in reality does not disrespect other people's opinions or freedom of speech but is sensitive to criticism expressed in a proud or arrogant manner. He has admitted he is working on minimising the disrespect of some users and working to forgive their remarks.


In a ferocious battle between the Blackhawks and the Empire, Damen died after being shot by Mickey in fake surrender. Mikomi declined to the throne so Tennis Stags because of Emperor. Damen advanced to legacy II.

Marriage of Damen and Chelsey Drake

On September 27th, 2015 Damen married Chelsey Drake, giving him right to the Throne, he became Emperor once again.


Damen Spike wrote:
Opa Damen Style


Alatar Doom dies in the movie 'Damen'

Damen Spike


Aliases Damen, Mr Burns, Drake, Jack, Tent
Titles Emperor of DSGHQ, Emperor Regent OldCP, DSGHQ Administrator, Emperor Helper, King Regent Snaildom
Rule 2012 - Present Day
Gender Male
Birthday 14th December 1997
House Spike
Related Sriram, Majorhalo, Nathan, Chelsey

Father Argon Spike
Mother Marian Spike
Spouse Chelsey Drake
Son Romeo Drake
Son Major Drake
Son Willfred Belmont Drake