History of the Empire

This is the History of the Royal Empire of the DamenSpike GAMES HQ.


There have been two Monarchs in DSGHQ history, Damen Drake and Tennis Stags. Though Lord Cyberwolf, Lord Roberto, and Prince Tennis have served as Emperor Regent in the absence of Damen Spike once before.

Royalty - The Royal Host

The Royal Host makes the Emperors, Empresses, Princes, and Princesses.

Damen Spike (Emperor)

The Monarch of the DSGHQ. 2012-2015, until shot dead on September 18th, 2015 by Mickey during the War of Djinn. Regained his right to the throne after he married Empress Chelsey Drake on September 27th, 2015.

Chelsey Spike (Empress)

Oldest and Most Loyal of the members of the DSGHQ and before it's creation. She served as the Queen until problems arose but were later solved, and now was a Princess. When Princess IceeSofie advanced to Regal Legacy 2 Chelsey became Empress.

Tennis Stags

Became royal when adopted by Damen. Named Emperor after Damen Drake shot dead on September 18th, 2015. Second ruling monarch in DSGHQ history. Returned to Prince when Damen Drake II regained his right to the throne of Emperor.

Archie Stags

Became Royal when married Princess Raindrop Spike.

GUGU Spike

Sister of the Emperor

Raindrop Spike

Sister of the Emperor

Wardens of the DSGHQ

The Wardens of other parts of the DSGHQ, but not the DSGHQ itself.

Warden Kace of Snaildom

The King of Snaildom

Warden Dice of Penguin3D

The Warden of Penguin3D

Warden SecurityGuy of OldCP

The King of OldCP

Warden soxfan of LeoRPG

The Warden of LeoRPG

For Wise Ones

The beards of the Wise will grow whence this article is fully studied. Address a Wise one to be tested and present your information to the Emperor for the Royal Honorhood!

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