Meredith was born to a decent family but became an outcast from her society when she discovered that she had a flair for using magic and brewing potions.

Meeting Maria

Meredith was taken in by Maria, who promised to teach her how to truly hone her powers, for a price of course. Meredith, craving power and desiring to get revenge on those who had shunned her, sold her soul in exchange for teachings from Maria.

Meredith in her youth.

Meredith never reached Maria's level of power but she quickly became Maria's right hand woman.


Maria placed a lot of faith in Meredith and offered her to be the Witch of Providence if she would keep control over James Sunderland. Meredith did this rather well and started a relationship with the pirate captain. James actually ended up falling in love in Meredith, referring to her as his queen in one of his journal entries.

James was very indebted to Meredith and the witches as they helped to keep him and his crew alive using their dark powers after Providence had been nuked.


Meredith would die during one of the many raids on Providence.


Witch of Providence

Titles Witch of Providence
Gender Female
Related Maria, James Sunderland