Maria is the daughter of Orome and Vana. She was born during ancient forest times when the forest was strong in the North. Maria is the sister of Melody and Raegon.



With her blonde hair and her fine elvish looks, Maria was one of the most beautiful women in the forest. The only person more beautiful in the forest was her sister Melody.



Maria became jealous of her sister Melody as peopled fawned over her being the most beautiful. One day Maria went out into the forest and she met a very handsome man. This man was Mairon Annatar.

Maria looking to meet Mairon in the forest.

Mairon became infatuated with Maria and her beauty and together they conspired to make mar Melody’s face to make her ugly. Their was that Maria would tell Melody that there was a wolf looking for her in the forest so that it could give her a gift. The wolf was called Durn Wolf, but he was really just Mairon in disguise. As Durn Wolf, Mairon was going to scratch her face, destroying her beauty by scarring her permanently.

Unfortunately for Maria, this plan would fail as Mairon himself would be struck by Melody’s beauty and fall in love with her.

Turn to Evil

After Melody and Mairon married, Maria became corrupted by her hate and jealousy of her sister.


When Melody was murdered by her brother Raegon, Mairon went on an evil rampage and took on his old name of Pythas. As Pythas he would search for Maria so that he could kill her. Maria kept Pythas from slaying her by joining him. Maria had seen the power that evil held and found it to be more powerful than the power the forest. Maria proclaimed that she would replace her sister Melody, saying that she was just as beautiful as her. So Pythas and Maria went to the Black City to be married in front of Morgoth. But when it came time to say the vows, Maria backed out and said that she would instead worship Pythas as though he were a god.

So Maria was corrupted and she would become a powerful witch.

Maria, the witch.

Working with Pythas

Pythas and Maria would work together for much time. Maria helped Pythas manifest a powerful crew of pirates so that he could take control of Providence and then attempt to take over the South. Eventually, Pythas' cover as being Captain Skull Croft was blown and Maria was revealed to be his accomplice in his schemes. It was then that Maria was exposed as being an evil witch.

Working with Sunderlands

After Pythas became imprisoned in the Golden Skull, Maria and her witches teamed up with the pirate James Sunderland and his crew. Together they would wreak havoc from Providence.


Maria would end up having three children. One of which was Bakon, whose father is unknown. Another child would come after Maria had an affair with Pythas, this child would be known as Rainberry. Lastly, Toben was born, whose father is most likely a pirate.


One day, Maria would be captured while in hell. Orome and Gamer tried to convince her to turn from her evil ways but Maria refused to do this. Orome found his own daughter Maria to be too evil and had Gamer hold her down while he killed her. As thus, Maria was forever vanquished.


Daughter of Orome

Aliases Mari
Titles Forest Princess, Daughter of Orome
Gender Female
House Illuvatar
Related Orome, Melody, Raegon, Vana, Toben

Species Spirit Person
Race Forest Girl
Age 40000 years old