Providence (Oldcp)


In the beginning, Providence Island was a colony of Das, called the Providence colony. The origin of Providence is quite the strange one. After a long day at the pub, Tulkastaz, who was the warlord of the world, fell into the sea. The sea rushed a grand tsunami and thus providence island was formed from the foam of his bubbles.

After Stanley Growler liberated Providence of Ophidian's control on Das, he named it the free pirate paradise, Providence Island.

Thus the top dogg was born, the captain of captains. The first of them was Stanley Growler. With the title of Top Dogg, the ruler only gets one legacy, meaning that if they die they are no longer Top Dogg and no longer rule over the island. The title is then passed on to the person who killed the Top Dogg. Due to this, the island rule can change hands rather quickly.

It was the 3rd new island area added to Oldcp (after the North, added a few months before)

The inspiration of Providence is based off of Skye Island in the UK.

Skye Island, Scotland, United Kingdom

Former Top Dogg's

- Captain Stanley of The Growler
- Captain James Flint of The Walrus
- Captain Skull Croft of The Overlord
- Captain Ned Lowe of The S.S. Nave
- Captain James Sunderland of The Wrench
- Captain Securityguy (Orlock) Inferno
- Captain Gamer Forrester of The Great Oak (Shared Top Dogg with Captain Orbay Hydra and Captain Kaizeran)
- Captain Orbay Hydra of The Wrench
- Captain Kaizeran of sails unseen
- Pythas
- Jenna Kraken
- Murata
- Natexd
- Melian
- MiromeskiII Goblin
- President Bismark
- Forgs
- Zpheal Solaris
- Flame Solaris
- Accal Black
- Lord Eugee Snow


Providence has many rooms and many places to visit, check a preview of them out here!

/jr skullbeach

/jr porttoben

/jr tobensoffice

/jr tobensattic

/jr provcourtyard

/jr provthrones

/jr provjail

/jr provtraining

/jr libertyhouseoutpost

/jr libertyhouse

/jr blackwood

/jr kingsbay

/jr kingsbar

/jr goblinhealinglabs

/jr kingsbaybeacon

/jr deadmansbasecamp

/jr deadmanschasms

/jr deadmansrockoutpost

/jr deadmansrockdoor

/jr deadmansdarkway

/jr deadmansheights


Topp Dogg

Providence Island


Location North-east of the North

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