James Sunderland


James Sunderland was the son of Johnathon Sunderland, who was the King of Dorval.

Starting his Career

Despite being a prince, James never saw himself as one. He started his career of being a pirate early in life. He desired to be a captain and have a crew of his own rather than following his father's orders all the time. One day, James would steal his father's newest and mightiest ship, The Wrench. With it, he would try to form his own crew.

The first crew of James Sunderland.

Johnathon sent out some of his pirates to go and retrieve the ship as he didn't know who had stolen it. When the pirates brought back the ship and the crew, Johnathon hanged each one of them except for his son. James stole the ship two more times before finally getting away with the ship and starting his own crew.

Ned Lowe

Another pirate by the name of Ned Lowe would hear about James Sunderland's crew and mighty ship. He became furious with the fact that James's ship and crew were better than his and so he placed a high price on his head. James became paranoid that his crew would turn on him and so he became desperate.

Joining Darkness

James, being paranoid and desperate, went to Black Wood on Providence seeking to sell his soul. There, he met Maria.


Maria asked him to state his wishes. James said he wished to slay Ned Lowe, become the mightiest of pirates, have the greatest crew of all, own all the riches of Providence and Dead Mans Rock, to have his name be feared across Arda, and to live forever.

After James stated all his wishes, a Black Mass appeared and he entered into it. Then the Black Mass started carrying out the wishes James had spoken of.

Wishes Granted

The first wish of James's to come true was for Ned Lowe to be slayed. The Black Mass brought the body of Ned Lowe to James's ship and then caused all the body's limbs to fall off. Then the Black Mass consumed the body of Ned Lowe and spat out the organs. Everyone on board the ship became very afraid of James Sunderland and he proclaimed himself to be Top Dogg.

The Black Mass would appear again to defend James when a group of pirates attempted to kill him. The Black Mass consumed the bodies of all the men who had drawn swords on him and spat out the bones. It was then that all people came to be afraid of James Sunderland.

James, being grateful to Pythas, put the pyramid symbol of Pythas on the sails of his ship along with his own wings of liberty symbol. Then James's ship became mightier than any other ship.

King of Dorval

After achieving all this greatness, James would look back towards his homeland of Dorval. He discovered that he desired to rule the land and so he returned. He killed his brother Thomas and took the throne for himself. James ruled Dorval for much time until Pythas ordered him to invade the South. James was defeated in the South and thus ended his rule over the land. He was then replaced by Orlock.

James Sunderland

Pirate Captain

Aliases James Wolsey
Titles Pirate Captian, Top Dogg, Captain of The Wrench
Gender Male
Related Johnathon Sunderland, Thomas Sunderland