Abby, known for her username OoBubblesoO, found the game OldCP in August 2013. It was during version 6. She didn't know much about the game.

She registered the ID of 14 on OldCP. She started to grow more knowledgeable about the game. She earned Moderator twice, one time for 2 days, and the second time was for a month. Her Moderator days came to an end when she decided to quit on April 18th, 2014.

She came back in August 2014. OldCP was shut down a few months after she came back, but it was reopened again.

Snaildom and Other DSGHQ Games

Snaildom was opened shortly after OldCP had been shut down. OoBubblesoO was the 51st user to join Snaildom and she enjoyed it very much. She made many friends there as well. Sadly, when OldCP had been released again, Snaildom became abandoned.

OoBubblesoO also played many other games in this community, such as SnailsChat and Penguin Isles. Both of these games were shut down shortly after. Although they were very fun, people seemed to always go back to OldCP.


OoBubblesoO joined the Forums on September 27th, 2013. She has an ID of 1803. She has achieved many of her goals and milestones with a few remaining. She never thought she would get this far in this community, and she is very thankful for all of the support she has gotten.


~ Master on the forums.
~ Achieved Moderator on OldCP three times.
~ Royal Wise One.

Quotes by OoBubblesoO

If you need to learn one thing from me, it's to never give up.
The road may be long, and dark now, but there is always a finish line.
Be yourself because you're the only you in this world.
Never feel useless because life always has a purpose. You just need to find it.


Wise One

Aliases Bubbles, Blubbs, Abby
Titles Master, OldCP Moderator, Wise One
Gender Female
House Nightwolves