SnailsChat was a virtual world made by Damen Spike in the Summer of 2013, before the DamenSpike GAMES HQ was created.


SnailsChat's development was completed in around three months. The original game plan contained a quest feature, but it was skipped but used made in Snaildom.


Users in SnailsChat could buy powers, which included abilities like name glow and name color etc. You could chat, decorate a shell, dress up, play some multiplayer games and explore rooms. There was also a badge feature and private messaging system, which Snaildom did not have.


SnailsChat was very prone to bugs, the Beta was public and lasted a long time due to bugs.


SnailsChat's user base began reasonably healthy, but new content was very difficult to create for Damen Spike. It required hours of work for only a few additional items, furniture etc... Sustaining the game became too time consuming after about two months and since there were only 12 active players, it was time to shut down SnailsChat for good.


On August 24, 2015 Damen had announced on the forums that Snailschat would be returning. It was scheduled to have hand-picked VIP testers who applied to beta test the game between August 30th-31st, and then it would release to the public on September 1st. However, Damen decided to release the game early to the public on August 30th.


Virtual World

Developer Damen Spike
Development Started April 26th 2013
Tested 6th June 2013
Closed N/A