Penguin3D Beginners Guide


Keep in mind that this guide is based on experience only and whose sole purpose is to help not only the beginners but anyone to get the basic tools for a long term stay in Penguin3D but giving them freedom to pick up any other items not mentioned below.

The Very Beginning

By default, you spawn at the mine with nothing but a pickaxe. Go to Ice Mines (/jr icemine), once you get there go straight, then turn left at the statue and at the end pick up the Ice Pickaxe nearby and mine until you get enough gold. See: Ores of Penguin3D

Going to Axel Island

Back to the surface buy the Thermal Coat(30 goldore) in the shop(/jr shop), if you have gold to spare buy the Snow Shoes(5 goldore) as they make you move faster. you can try to go to Axel Island without wearing the Thermal Coat and enter Axel Shaft before freezing to death but buying one is highly recommended. Once inside find your way through the maze to Axel Secret City, then swim down to get the Frostice Jet Pack and upstairs is the Ice Hammer.

Mining Radium

Go to Royal Smithy(/forge) to forge an armor using early access cheap ores like iron, steel and ice. Next go to the Radium Mine (See: Providence on P3D) wearing armor and mine the crystals using a Pickaxe. It's normal to take damage so when you are low on health just regenerate by going to Waterfall Cave(/jr waterfallcave) and continue mining. When you have mined enough Radium Ores forge the Radium Helmet to enter The Radion.

The Radion

See: Penguin3D Radion
Inside there are two items you should get: Springfield Shoes that make you jump higher and the Radium Gas Mask(20 goldore) which reduces damage when mining Radium. If you want to upgrade your jet pack, fly to the center of the maze and pick up the Radium Jet Pack.

Getting Full Radium

Continue mining Radium Ores wearing the Radium Gas Mask and once you get enough, forge the Radium Pickaxe (/forge RadiumPickaxe), which helps to mine Radium and other ores faster, and finally the Radium Armor. The reason why the Radium Armor and Radium Helmet are above the others of their kind is because both, alongside the Space Jet Pack, can be used as a spacesuit to get cosmic ore later on. See: Space Guide

Guardian Realm

You can go anytime to the Guardian Realm and pick up the Radium Hammer located inside the tunnel, be careful not to jump too much there as you can die if you do so because of a bug.

Inferno Realm

See: Inferno Realm
In this dimension there are 3 items: Infernal Helmet, Infernal Armor (Both protects you from the meteors) and the Obsidian Hammer. You can either complete parkour or use any flying dog or even a t-rex to get them more easily. See: Pets of Penguin3D


You will need to purchase a Space Suit and Space Helmet + Space Jetpack at the /jr launchstation, then hop in the orange rocket and fly for around 30 seconds. You also can use Radium Armor.

Other Useful Items

  • Torch (Next to the Mine on The Island)/Caver's Torch (/jr droptrapcaverns)
  • Miner's Hat (/jr mine)/Caver's Hat (/jr spidercave)/Ice Caver's Hat (Inside the maze in Axel Shaft)
  • Binoculars (/jr royalspa) press G to use

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