Polarmanax joined OldCP on October 29th, 2013, as Chacha20. She later resurfaced on December,7th,2013 with the username "Polarmanax" after being banned on Oldcp for joking with another user about fighting. Polarmanax created the account after thinking hard about what her username should be, seeing she had high hopes for moderator, she presumed she should have a decent, professional name to start her oh so righteous quest to "moderator." She soon lost interest in the title, being that she soon found more to the DSGHQ than she imagined. Best friends,friends, and of course enemies, all came and soon the truth caved in.


Not a lot of people know of Polarmanax's traits/personality outside of the DSGHQ/internet.

Polarmanax usually lets optimism get the best of her, finding herself a little stranded from reality.The optimistic outlook can turn to a realist one, but that doesn't drag her down. There is always room for improvement, and she can always nudge herself into whatever little space that is and fill it. She is presumed to be very lazy, usually slacking off and/or goofing off. She is a very sociable person!


Polarmanax used to live in a very rural area although it was a city (4 years old). It was a place where you could have goats for pets, in fact, Polar has owned said goat. Her accent has changed over the years, going from a country accent, to a normal one, to a ghetto one--Polar has had ALL the accents. All of them.


·No Flex Zone
·Nicki Minaj
·Bandit Gang Marco


·Dirty Laundry-Kelly Rowland
·Go Get It-Mary Mary
·Push It-Salt n' Pepa
·Thinkin About You-Frank Ocean
·Hit My Line-Bandit Gang Marco

·Go Get it-Mary Mary


Experienced Player

Aliases Polar, Chacha20
Titles Former Master
Gender Female
House Cats
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