Kara has had many ranks throughout her time in the DSGHQ.

OldCP Moderator

It was a early morning on August 26th, Kara found a user misbehaving. Damen had come online, and Kara had a few photos with proof of this user's misbehavior. Kara showed Damen this proof, and Damen replied "How about I make you moderator" so she could ban this user. He made her a moderator and began her journey as a staff member.

Kara was very active the first month of moderating. It was going great, the stress wasn't too much, and the users weren't so bad.

The first time Kara lost moderator was for making a small but influential mistake. During a role-play event called the Disney Wars, Kara was joking around and tried to type "/ban Bane:3", but when she did that, she accidentally hit the enter button. The command "/ban Bane" was set in place, Damen kicked her, blocked her account, and demoted her. She got moderator again later on, after apologizing and admitting to her mistake.

Though, she again lost moderator when OldCP closed on v9. She has not gained it back since then.

Penguin Watch Captain

Throughout her time on DSGHQ, Kara has been a Penguin Watch Captain three times. She first earned it in late 2014, then again in early 2015. Then, Kara committed treason on OldCP by kicking random people with her Penguin Watch Captain powers. She was called in for a session and was later killed at the mountain. She was also banned on forums for this abuse, she had requested for it to be done so she could get a break from DSGHQ. Later though, she was unbanned on forums and has now been healed on OldCP.
She now has it again as of October 2015.

Imperial Knight

Four months after Kara's death, she was chosen to return as a Knight. While earning this rank, her account was healed and she is not a zombie. She returned after her death and redeemed herself. She was made a moderator on the DSGHQ Xat chat, and a Repairer on the DSGHQ Minecraft server.

Moth Priest

Soon after becoming a Knight, Kara became a Moth Priest. She protected the scrolls and read them.

Then one day she was demoted from Moth Priest.

On September 21st, 2015, Kara was accused of leaking a section of a major Tobler Moth Priest scroll. She had leaked it to Faygo, who then leaked it to Abushekaus, who then reported it. On September 24th, 2015, Kara had a trial of wisdom to prove herself trustworthy to the community, even after this incident. She was found guilty, demoted from Moth Priest, and will never set foot in the Moth Priest Temples again. She was a Blind Monk, until the reset of OldCP. She was never given the mask back again, but still considered herself a blind monk.

Forums Moderator

Kara earned forums moderator after much hard work. By this time she had gotten used to the forums and all the functions of it, which made moderating the forums quite an experience. It was very fun for her, she enjoyed it.

After a lot of drama, Kara had been persuaded that everything Damen was doing was wrong. She went against DSGHQ for a short time, then soon realized it hurt her to do that. So she returned.

Another time, she had very stressful conditions with school, and demoted herself. She did the same thing when she had problems with other people. She did not get a long with Cyberwolf and decided she didn't want to be on the same staff team as him. Though she came back again after apologizing over and over again.

Then... one day, she was suspended. During this time it was very hard for her to stay away, so she broke herself down and apologized about it all and everything she has done. She was forgiven.

On September 20th, 2015, Kara was promoted to forums moderator once again by (Ex)Emperor Tennis Stags. As of today, she is still a moderator, though when she was on trial, she was changed to Reviewal for a short period of time. On September 24th, 2015, she was repromoted shortly after her trial had ended.


On October 11th, 2015, Kara was made a Lord/Lady by Emperor Damen Drake Spike.

Emperor Helper

On November 26th, 2015, Kara was promoted to Emperor Helper as a replacement of the previous helper. She was Emperor Helper until February 29th, 2016. She is now a Moderator.

Snaildom Head Moderator

When Snaildom reopened again in February of 2016, Kara was made a moderator and head moderator after Cyberwolf took over it. She still remains a moderator and Snail Watch Captain on there as well.


Kara first joined OldCP during July 2013, around late v5 and early v6. Later on in late August of 2013, she was promoted to moderator.

Her Beginning on OldCP

Kara had many adventures before she earned the rank of Moderator.
Kara began her OldCP journey as a pookie, but stopped after being given too much hate over it.

Later On

During OldCP, around mid v6 Kara finally was getting to know people. Her first friend was known as Pacific, who was a very nice person. Pacific told her what a moderator was and showed her the basics of OldCP. Later, when Kara became a moderator, began to tend to her rank more than her friends. Pacific quit later in October and has never returned.
The first mod that Kara met was Brndav. He showed her a lot about OldCP and the staff. He showed her the ways of getting moderator and what it's all about, and so did IceeSofie. Then Fizz came along as a friend and was there for Kara since the beginning. Soon after meeting Pacific, Brndav, IceeSofie, and Fizz, Kara became a moderator for the first time.

Game of Mods

Days before the Summer 2015 Game of Mods competition, Kara and Rae made a team called Kacket. The team won the Summer 2015 GoM, and was given a house. Kara is now the Lady of House Kacket. Kara also led the team to victory during the Autumn 2015 GoM.

Marriage to Abushekaus

On November 30th, 2015, Kara and Abushekaus (Abu) married in /jr Kara. She combined her house name to still remain the Lady of Kacket. She was known as Kara Kacket-Septim. In late January, Kara divorced Abushekaus so that she may move on and keep her house and he may go back to Septim as the brother of Cysero.

DSGHQ Forums

Kara first joined the forums on the account "cploverkara" on the date of August 30th, 2013. She soon made a new account because the username didn't suit her, which was under the name of "Kara" on September 3rd, 2013.

She had earned many ranks on the forums, and throughout the many changes forums went through, she still comes on it every day.

Penguin Isles

Kara joined Penguin Isles when it was first released, though it did not last very long, it was a very unique and fun world while it lasted. She enjoyed its design very much, she thinks it's disappointing that all of Damen's work went to waste on that game.


Kara joined Snaildom as Soul before she was un-suspended, the name Kara was taken. She was allowed to keep her account and the account still lives. She has not earned any ranks on Snaildom, but had enjoyed it a lot without a rank. The mazes and games made Snaildom fun for her. Even after Snaildom went into the "Lost Era", Kara had still continued to enjoy Snaildom. She was fighting for it to stay up, she had hoped it would not turn out like Penguin Isles did. She was deeply saddened to lose Snaildom.

SnailsChat Remake

Kara, along with Prince Tennis and Emperor Damen, tested SnailsChat days for it released. She became a VIP member, tested a few hours before with a few other users as well, and has now become a moderator on SnailsChat as well.


Former Administration & Staff

Titles Emperor Helper, Community Moderator, OldCP Moderator, Drejk Administrator, Snaildom Head Moderator, Senior Penguin Watch Captain, Senior Snail Watch Captain, Wise One, Imperial Knight, Moth Priest, Blind Monk, Detective, Detective Inspector,
Gender Female
House Kacket
Death March 17th, 2015 & August 20th, 2015, & November 13th, 2015