Serving Ulmo

In his early years, Salmar was a maia who served Ulmo.


For Ulmo, Salmar created the Ulumúri, which are the white conch shells that are used as the horns of Ulmo. Ulmo would blow these horns when he was passing through the waters coming into Middle-Earth. Anyone who heard the music of the Ulumúri would start longing for the sea.

Life on Providence

Salmar would end up living on Providence and serving Ulmo from there, keeping an eye on the pirates. He was very loyal until disaster struck Providence.


Salmar was in the waters near Providence when the land was nuked by Sriram. In order to survive, he took on the form of a pirate and began serving in one of the crews. Over time, Salmar became corrupted. Its possible that he was corrupted due to a combination of all the radiation he absorbed and due to the witches having infiltrated pirate society, as they were what was keeping the pirates alive when the island was extremely radioactive.

The Dark Sea

After the pirates diminished in Providence, Salmar worked to form his own faction of the sea. He called it The Dark Sea. He recruited a man called SeaBeast to serve him as his warlord. Together, Salmar and SeaBeast worked to create the Radion Realm.

Now, Salmar and his warlord are seeking to corrupt more members of the Sea Kingdom to join the Dark Sea. They desire to corrupt Ulmo and are awaiting his appearance.


Lord of the Dark Sea

Aliases Noldorin
Titles Lord of the Dark Sea, Creator of the Ulumúri
Gender Male
Related Ulmo