Ulmo is the Lord of Waters and King of the Sea. During the creation of Arda, Ulmo often collaborated with Manwe on projects but paid special attention to all things dealing with water.


Ulmo would eventually take to residing in the deeps of the sea where he would build a great underwater palace called Ulmonan. After Ulmo took to living in the waters, he would seldom leave them and would only go to councils with the other Ainur at times of great need.



Ulmo is the only of the male Ainur to have never married. He was mostly a solitary person and would seldom appear on land as his physical form would fill any man or elf with great dread. While Ulmo mostly kept to himself at the bottom of the sea, he did maintain a close friendship with Manwe.

A rare occasion, Ulmo appearing to an elf.

Dealings with Melkor


From the beginning, Ulmo had great distrust for Melkor and Melkor had great distaste for Ulmo. Melkor feared Ulmo slightly less than what he feared Varda as the sea was one of the things that Melkor could not tame.

Corruption of Ossë

One of Ulmo's maiar eventually came under the sway of Melkor. This maiar was known of as Ossë, who rather enjoyed causing wild and unpredictable storms. Melkor corrupted him by feeding into Ossë's craving for violence and offering him great power. While under Melkor's sway, Ossë caused great destruction with violent storms. Eventually Ossë was caught by his wife Uinen and brought before Ulmo. Ossë was convinced to stop with his behaviour and Ulmo pardoned him from his crimes. Ossë never went back to serving Melkor, though he was still prone to occasional acts of violence.

Ulmo and Osse.

Defeating Melkor

Ulmo is the Ainur who was the most responsible for bringing about the fall of Melkor as he allowed an elf to take a silmaril so that he could get into Valinor and plead for aid in the fight against Melkor.

An Appearance

Ulmo has only been seen once in more recent times. On September 29th, 2019, Ulmo made his first appearance on OldCp. He was angered that the servants of Melkor had been allowed to linger after Melkor's defeat in Dagor Dagorath. Ulmo demanded to Olorin, the Grey Warrior, that the forest people start killing all the remaining vampires, witches, and goblins.

It is thought that the scroll was not actually sent by Ulmo, rather that it was a farce crafted by Pythas to inspire hate and violence. This theory was never confirmed and Ulmo never appeared again.

A storm, allegedly brought on by Ulmo.


Ulmo has yet to appear on Penguin3D. After Ancalagon's death, two of Ulmo's maiar appeared, Osse and Uinen. Osse had once again fallen under the way of Melkor, despite the fact that Melkor is dead. It has been rumored by Uinen that Ulmo will appear on the night when the stars align and then he will set things right in Arda by bringing Osse out of corruption and restoring peace in the Sea Kingdom.


Lord of Waters

Aliases Ulubôz, Ullubôz
Titles Lord of Waters, King of the Sea
Gender Male
Related Manwe, Melkor, Osse, Uinen, Pythas, Fable