Sekiro's Early Life

Sekiro was born into the Shinobi Order, he had been a member for his whole life. Presumably, he was born and raised on Cobia as that is where the Shinobi resided after they had fled the South with Emperor RocketSnail. During his youth, Sekiro enjoyed learning about his role as a Shinobi and how to fight and use the weapons of the Shinobi. He also enjoyed playing with some of the younger vultures that resided on Cobia at the time, though they would all disappear and he would find himself feeling resentful of them.


Nothing is known of Sekiro's blood relatives. Though, it is known that he considered his fellow Shinobi Ninjas to be his brothers.

Sekiro Appears

When Sekiro first appeared, he was a very rude, young, and proud Shinobi Ninja. He stood firmly against the forest (both the good and evil side). He was a loyal follower to the master of the Shinobi who was known as Unmei, even though he had never actually met Unmei.

Being Mentored

Sekiro was mentored by a Shinobi known as Yamato. When Yamato made a threat to the South of OldCp, he ordered Sekiro to kill a young forest boy. Sekiro had an issue with doing this and said that he couldn't do it. Sekiro had no choice but to slay the boy as Yamato threatened to cut his arm off if he did not do it.

Death of Yamato

Eventually, Sekiro would start to question some of the things that he had done as a Shinobi and question whether or not he really wanted to follow Unmei. He started to think that many of the things he had done were wrong and decided to become a Dark Forest Boy and follow Pythas instead. Though, he did not know at this time that Unmei was actually Pythas in disguise.

Return to the Shinobi Order

Sekiro would return to the Shinobi Order after Unmei was revealed to have been Pythas all along and that Pythas was just using the Shinobi Order to do his evil bidding for him. He would help Mekiro run the Shinobi Order. He helped Mekiro recruit new members to the Shinobi Order, such as Warth.

Death of Sekiro

On July 20, 2020, Sekiro would assist Mekiro in bringing Accal Black into the present. This would soon turn out to be the undoing of Sekiro, as he would be killed by Accal Black two days later, during one of Accal Black's many fits of rage.

Sekiro assisting Mekiro with opening a portal to bring Accal Black to the present.

Sekiro the Oni

Sekiro would return to OLDCP in spirit form to challenge Nathan to a battle in /jr shadowdojo, the duel of which (not recorded due to it's suddenness) was won by Willfred; vanquishing Sekiro entirely.

Thus ending, Sekiro of the Shinobi Order.



Titles Shinobi
Gender Male
Death July 22, 2020
Related Faceless One, Mekiro, Yamato