Unmei was the mysterious Shinobi Master, who was revealed to be Myrus himself after deceiving the Ninja council.


Unmei was mentioned only once by reference to the title 'young shinobi' in the Forest Tome. Not much else was known about Unmei.


Unmei desired revenge for his old master Rocketsnail. He has been searching out Glarthir by sending his Shinobi fighters to find him. However, on realising Glarthir was a spirit person and not physically existent, Unmei had become silent.

However, Unmei certainly hated forest boys and girls.

(All of this was a trick by Pythas)


Unmei has had involvement with House Cobo since Jose Cobo appeared on the scene. He heavily influenced Jose Cobo and Juan Cobo into helping him gain access to the south in his search for Glarthir.

Tensions with Cobia began with the rule of Angel Cobo who stopped co-operating with Unmei. As a result, Angel was murdered by a Shinobi. When Angel returned on a new account, he began to consider working with Unmei again to topple Adawg.


Shinobi Master

Aliases The Young Shinobi, Pythas
Titles Master Shinobi, Sensei
Gender Male
Related Pythas