Glarthir is the eldest son of Pythas and Snowfalls. His siblings are Stan, Gamer, New Mexico, and Nook. He, much like his brothers, is an Ice Child.

The Ice War

Mistaking the Chosen One

Glarthir was among those who believed that Emperor Rocketsnail was the Chosen One who would destroy the djinn by killing Snowfalls and destroying her crown. It was Glarthir who lead Rocketsnail to the underground courtyard where he was to kill Snowfalls. It wasn't until too late that Glarthir realized that Rocketsnail was not the Chosen One. He left Rocketsnail behind in the underground caves to die.

Assisting in the Ice War

Other than finding the wrong Chosen One, Glarthir assisted in the ice war in other ways.

An Act of Selflessness

When the Ice War against Snowfalls finally ended, Glarthir appeared and announced he was going to give up his life so that everyone who had died could live again.

In the New Era

It would be a long time after Glarthir sacrificed his life to revive users before word would be heard from him again. It wasn't until after the Menace was defeated that word would once again be heard from him. He was not corrupted during his absence. Still, refusing to pick up a sword to fight, he would encourage the good forest boys to kill the evil ones.

Glarthir, encouraging users not to give up hope.

Slaying LEGION

On the Orders of Orome, Glarthir chose two Forest Boys to enter Hell with him to slay the LEGION, who was hiding in the dimension. He selected Orlock and Kace to go with him and together, the three vanquished the LEGION in Hell. This would only temporarily slow down the LEGION as they are many.

Lord of Space

After Orome's death, Glarthir inherited the title of Lord of Space. Glarthir announced that he would create a Royal Forest Kingdom which would resemble that of the Forest's former glory in the North some 300 years ago. The Kings and Queens of it would have to bow to Glarthir and serve him. After making this announcement, Glarthir became disturbed. He realized that he was becoming corrupted and he passed the title off to his brother, Turin.

Glarthir announcing his new Forest Kingdom.

Returning as a Prophet

While Glarthir has not returned to OldCp, he has come to Penguin3D and forums to continue his work of being a forest prophet. He has posted a few new scrolls on forums prophecising the coming of Anacalagon the dragon and telling about the works of Snowfalls.

Losing his Foresight

Since coming back, Glarthir lost his foresight and could not see into the future to create prophecies and scrolls like he used to. To cover for that, he asked for the aid of his younger brother Nook, who is gifted. He helps Nook to unravel what he sees and puts it together in scrolls that he posts for all to read. Though, if he gets angered, Glarthir will write an angry scroll filled with doom.
Here is the "Protector's Scroll" which he wrote with Nook.

Turning to Darkness

The Witch Girl

Shortly after Glarthir lost his foresight, he announced that he had was engaged to a girl named Uade. Uade turned out to be a daughter of MotherVulture and also a witch. It has been said that Uade has corrupted Glarthir and forced him to turn to evil, causing him to turn from the light and become dark. Though there is a possibility that Glarthir turned dark because everyone he relied upon for support told him not to marry Uade and put her down even though she was the love of his life.


After Uade was vanquished, Glarthir would wallow in sadness for awhile. At one point he said he was going to join with the vultures as they had not wronged him. Glarthir would eventually repent when he had a vision of himself getting vanquished by the Forest Shaman (Gamer). He asked for Nameless One to rebirth him and so Nameless One smited him and Glarthir was then reborn as Glarthorn and was made pure white. He also came back slightly taller.

Glarthir a week after being reborn as Glarthorn.

Genealogical Research

Glarthir came on forums one day and announced he and Nook would be doing genealogical research on user's families and their early histories if they requested it from him. He had many users respond to his post that were interested in knowing more about their histories.
Below is the list of the scrolls he has written for users.
Glarthir commented that it was hard for him to write the Vulture Scroll as he had to mention Uade in it and it make his heart ache as he still loves and misses her.


Glarthir has also created a blog for him to post updates on. He writes posts about general forest news and prophecies.


Forest Shaman

Aliases Glarthorn, Darth Glarth, Iarwa
Titles Former Lord of Space, Forest Shaman
Gender Male
House Illuvatar, Annatar
Related Glarthir Blog, Orome, Snowfalls, Pythas, Stan, Gamer, Nook, New Mexico, Uade

Species Spirit Person
Race Forest Boy
Age Around 12000 years old