Uinen is one of the maiar that serves Ulmo and is tasked with governing the waves and movements of the inner seas. She is the most powerful of the maiar and is highly regarded by mariners due to her abilities to calm the seas.


Uinen has much love for all the things that live in the sea and saltwater streams. She was capable of calming the seas when her husband would make violent storms, causing all mariners to have great love and respect for her. Like Osse, Uinen also befriended the Teleri elves that lived along the shores and helped teach them much about the ocean.

Uinen in the sea.


Early on, Uinen would marry Osse, a fellow servant of Ulmo. Because of their great love for each other, Uinen was the only one capable of calming Osse and keeping him from going too far when he would create violent sea storms.

Uinen and Osse.

When Osse became corrupted by Morgoth, it was Uinen who restrained him and brought him before Ulmo where she pleaded with her husband to turn away from Morgoth. Osse listened to his wife and received pardon from Ulmo. If it were not for Uinen, Osse would have continued to wreak havoc on the sea shores, causing much senseless death and destruction.

Uinen attempting to calm Osse during one of his storms.


After Osse appeared and turned to darkness, SeaWord spoke of finding Uinen to help turn her husband away from it once again. It was said that she was residing in the Sea Kingdom, keeping watch over it while she awaits the return of Ulmo.


Uinen made her first appearance on the day of Ancalagon's death (April 4, 2022). She was seeking her husband as she had heard about his corruption. When Uinen became unsuccessful at finding her husband, she revealed that Ulmo was planning to return to help set things right with Arda and the Sea Kingdom.


Lady of the Sea

Aliases Ónen, Solórë
Titles Lady of the Sea, Spirit of the Sea, The Tempest Calmer, Calmer of the Sea
Gender Female
Related Osse, Ulmo