Osse is a semi-chaotic maiar in the service of Ulmo.


Osse was a wild and unpredictable maiar at the start, he enjoyed creating chaotic storms along the coasts of the seas even against the wishes of Ulmo, his master. Despite Osse's unpredictablity, he was a friend to the elves who lived along the shores of the oceans. Osse taught them many things about the ocean.


At some point early on, Osse would marry Uinen. Uinen was a very powerful maiar, also in the service of Ulmo. She would be the only one who was able to restrain Osse and stop him from going too far with the storms he so loved to create.

Osse and his Uinen.


While Arda was still young, Osse would become corrupted by Melkor. Melkor played into Osse's violent and chaotic desires and promised Osse the great powers of Ulmo. Osse thus rebelled against his master and caused massive and destructive storms which brought great ruin to the lands.

Osse and Melkor.

The Valar, Aule in particular, became displeased with the destruction that Osse was creating and so Uinen went to restrain her husband and brought him before Ulmo. Osse plead for mercy at the feet of Ulmo and so was pardoned. Osse never again served Melkor but would still often create storms as he still loved the chaos and violence of them.

Osse Comes Ashore

Osse made his first appearance on Penguin3D on March 13, 2022. He was in search of the Sea Trident and was bearing the title of Sea King as apparently Ulmo had fled his sea kingdom and no one knew where he was.

Corruption Again

Shortly after Osse appeared, he became corrupted once again by Melkor, despite the fact that Melkor is dead. Osse said that the spirit of Melkor was whispering to him and that he was following it.


Master of the Seas

Aliases Ošošai, Oššai Gaerys
Titles Master of the Seas
Gender Male
Related Ulmo, Uinen