Ancalagon is a large and great dragon, that has been prophecised to come and destroy everything that lays in his path whether it be good or evil.


Ancalagon was created by Morgoth and Arien, making him a brother to Flame and Rouge. Ancalagon was first released by Morgoth to lead a pack of dragons into war against the Valar. He has fire breath that is hotter than any other dragon's. His size is massive and unmeasured.

Ancalagon reigning down terror.


Many prophecies about the coming of Ancalagon have been made. It has been said that Ancalagon will bring doom to everyone whether they be good or evil and that everyone must join together in order to end the great dragon.

Visions from Lorien

Lorien has sent many visions depicting the coming of a great dragon. Rouge has been one of those who has received such a vision. In her vision, she saw Ancalagon flying over Das.

Glarthir's Scroll

Glarthir wrote a scroll of the things he had seen from 1OK-I. He said he saw dragon eggs on Tol Morwen off Beleriand. He also saw Melody speaking with Firewatch, she pledged to create a union between ice and fire by marrying the Lord of Firewatch. Melody got upset when they would not tell her whether the Lord was Ancalagon or not. While most believe that the Lord is indeed Ancalagon, there is a possibility that it could have Gothmog the Balrog on Tol Morwen.

The full scroll can be found here.


Ancalagon had yet to make an appearance, his coming wass anticipated by all. During the wait, many other dragons had been seen that also told of the coming of Ancalagon. One such dragon is Winteron, who is an ice drake. Another messenger from the dragons has been a man called ColdWatch, who tried to kidnap Little.

Winteron, the Ice Drake.

Other dragons in the service of Ancalagon included Scatha and Glaurung. Gothmog the Balrog also came to try to sway people to become Balrogs and serve Ancalagon.

Ancalagon Arrives

Behold, the great size of Ancalagon!

The First Assault

Ancalagon finally arrived on December 14th, 2021. He waged a deadly assault on all the lands but primarily focused on the South and Das. Ancalagon and his followers set fire to the forest and Thrones in the south as well as Baraddur on Das.

The South under attack on December 14, 2021.

Many people died and were killed. Everything was appearing to be going Ancalagon's way and his followers were starting to claim which lands they were going to rule, but the Fire Nation made a fatal error. They did not legally wage wars on any of the lands and so they were unable make any substantial gains other than serving to slightly weaken the allied forces against them.

Taking Over

On December 30 and 31st of 2021, Ancalagon and Fire Nation waged assaults on all the lands ruled by landowners that did not submit to Ancalagon. These lands were South, Stone Isle, and Dorval in that order.

South Invasion

The first land that Fire Nation invaded was the South. It was a bloody battle in which many people perished. Most of the fatalities were DRAKE Agents. Winteron the ice drake also died in the battle. Overall it was an easy win for Fire Nation.

Ancalagon has given Melody the South to rule over with Winteron as her helper.

Stone Isle Invasion

After their win in the South, Fire Nation immediately invaded Stone Isle. This time the dragon Angurad would be the main fighter for Fire Nation. He was very deadly and many DRAKE Agents perished in the fight. Angurad even managed to kill Aule with only minutes left in the invasion. Aule’s death cemented the Fire Nation’s win.

Ancalagon gave this land to Angurad to rule.

Dorval Invasion

The last land Fire Nation invaded over these two days was Dorval. This time Ancalagon himself came to battle. The Dorval War was another easy win for Fire Nation. Aven and Revan worked together to vanquish the dragon known as Glaurund. After Glaurund was vanquished, Ancalagon got revenge and vanquished Aven.

Ancalagon gave this land to a dragon called Vohind to rule over.

Achieving Domination

Invading Providence and Das

Ancalagon would finally achieve world domination in March of 2022. He invaded the lands of Das and Providence, taking them easily and with very little resistance. DRAKE Military would fight in the Das war but were easily defeated as they did not have the technology to fight dragons efficiently. The last land remaining for the dragon to claim was Cobia.

Cobia Invasion

Ancalagon would finally invade Cobia on March 11, 2022. DRAKE Military came to this fight well prepared, having constructed tanks to use against the dragons. Several dragons were killed in the fight, but Fire Nation managed to win by a narrow margin, with a few less deaths than the DRAKE Military and their allies.

Ancalagon would give this land to a dragon named Jaihin to rule over.


On March 12, 2022, Ancalagon himself went to Cobia, along with several other dragons, to celebrate Fire Nation's victory over Cobia and their complete world domination. The dragons started burning the land. Ancalagon ordered them to kill everyone on the island. Ancalagon even vanquished a few people, including Gostir, an ice drake who had turned against Fire Nation.

Fire Nation celebrating on Cobia.

Next Steps

One day, Ancalagon would come to the South to continue asserting his dominance over the land since Melody, who was the Queen of South, had been vanquished in the Ered Gorgor dungeons. He offered Warden of the South to anyone who would kill Satele or Revan for him. Ancalagon then spoke of the next step he would take.

Taking a Hostage

Ancalagon announced that he was going to seek revenge upon all those who betrayed Fire Nation, starting with the Vulture Kingdom, as they had betrayed him to side with the Forest. Ancalagon threatened to burn the Vulture Kingdom's stronghold of Himring. Ancalagon noticed Loki, the Vulture Princess, in the crowd of onlookers as she was dismayed at the thought of Himring being burnt. It was then that Ancalagon decided to take her hostage and use her as a bargaining chip to try to claim Himring and the submission of the Vulture Kingdom relatively peacefully.

Loki standing before Ancalagon, before he took her hostage.

Ancalagon captured Loki, threw her into the dungeons of Ered Gorgor, and had her tortured. His terms were that she either submit to him and surrender Himring and her birthright to the throne or he would kill her mother and burn Himring to the ground.

Desire to end the Vulture Race

Five days after Ancalagon took Loki hostage, he would manage to also capture her mother, Mahannon (MotherVulture). After reuniting the mother and daughter, Ancalagon would attempt to vanquish them both at once in order to start the destruction of the entire vulture race. Ancalagon only managed to vanquish Queen Mahannon, but Princess Loki would escape that fate.

While Ancalagon failed at killing the two vultures, he was still rather pleased that he had vanquished the Queen as her death meant a great loss to the Vulture Kingdom.


Ancalagon on Dagor Angolath readied himself to fight. He fought Raymond and vanquished him but was weakened severely.

Ancalagon on Dagor Angolath.

Revan, Satele, and The Night Wolf faced off against Ancalagon. Satele and The Night Wolf touched the tridents of light and darkness, causing a great blast of light and noise that killed themselves and Ancalagon.

Ancalagon's demise.


The Black

Aliases Ancaloth
Titles The Black, Greatest of all Winged Dragons
Gender Male
House Fire Nation
Death April 4, 2022, Beleriand
Related Morgoth, Arien, Flame, Rouge, Drogoth, Gothmog