Clarkson was a Blackhawk who wore a cream jacket and brown afro along with regular blue player color. He had began his work as Blackhawk leader by blowing up the Town of OldCp. Clarkson revolted by other Blackhawk members and was assassinated for failing to keep the Rover Lodge false murder a secret.


Scarlet was the original Blackhawks leader, but had died. After her death, Clarkson took over as leader, but only for a short amount of time.

Bombing of the Town

The Bombing of the OldCP Town occurred on Nov. 14th 2013. It was the second time the Town was hit on OldCP, after Mickey's Disney Take Over earlier 2013.
Clarkson accepted the job from Mickey, who the Blackhawks may have had contact with, or perhaps pretended to. After the bombing, Clarkson and Blackhawk members had raided the Coffee Shop for rare objects.

Clarkson then setup a small base where the Blackhawks would keep their prisoners. The base was not used much, since Clarkson leaked secret Blackhawk information to Detectives.


After leaking private information regarding the fact Rover faked his death, not long afterwards, Clarkson was assassinated at the Town by some kind of assassin probably working for Rover.
Later in time, Clarkson came back to life. He was eventually killed again by Minty.

Prophecies of Clarkson and Hovanion

1.) June 14th, 2014- In 1 year I shall return and the fire will start later... -Clarkson
2.) June 15th, 2015- 6 months, it shall be! 6 months we'll be free! Roaming the city, planting a bomb. If we shall fail, we'll be frowned upon. -Hovanion
3.) July 16th, 2015- 5 months, it shall be! 5 months we'll be free! There are more than 1 bomb, no more frowning a upon! One will explode early, one will explode late. 5 months, oh how happy we'll be!



Titles Former Blackhawk Leader
Gender Male
House Blackhawk
Death Nov. 20th, 2013
Related Hovanion, Snowfalls