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Rover, more commonly known as Scarlet Myers, was the name of a traitor who created a successful OldCP based gang called the Blackhawks after betraying the Empire. Before the Crimezone was created, Rover had betrayed the trust of the Emperor as an Agent of OldCP!

Agency Betrayal

First remembered for the interruption of an early Game of Mods, Rover had convinced other Agents to join his gang. Together they all hijacked OldCP and banned many players (at a time when guns weren't available) and even kicked Damen off the game.

Their success didn't last long though, Damen reversed the effects, and Rover was banished.

First Appearance

The first appearance of Rover was in a darkened version of the OldCP cave. See Blackhawks for more information.

There also appears to be a number of gun lasers pointing toward users. The threat of Rover had officially begun. Frightfully, users reported the event on the forums asking one question: "Who is Rover?" That name is now very infamous on the DSGHQ.

Below is a quote from an eyewitness, posting on the forum after their experience.
As I was helping users on the island I was interrupted by someone who summoned me. His name was Rover he had a "white" name glow. He had guns pointed right at us he said if we did not do what he said he would shoot and delete our accounts I have to say this is one of my most on-topic posts ever I have the proof also. If you see rover don't go by him he is a strange guy but has to be Damen or Mateo this is because it was a secret room with lasers and it was dark plus he had a white name glow and he summoned users so this also leads to a staff member or a Psa agent. ~Sadie

Interestingly, in the image Rover appears without the red Viking helmet shown in most of Rover's sightings.
This is apparent because the first-ever case (the death of Gwin at the Mine Shack) took place after this sighting, where it is known that Gwin's rare Rocketsnail helmet was stolen and afterward worn by Rover. This is evidence of Rover's Blackhawk involvement in the Gwin case.

Life of Crime

Rover's career was over, but it didn't stop him from hacking OldCP by getting into closed Agency accounts. Rover had abused the system to the point that the OldCP Agency was shut down forever by Damen (before the DSGHQ Empire Agency).

Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel

Later on, the Crimezone of the DSGHQ Crime Office for DSGHQ games was created. Rover perused Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel from the Crime Office and the two of them played criminal and cop for a while.

Rover revealed that his gang was named the Blackhawks, and he had many players working for him behind the scenes. Despite Nicholas' attempts to dismantle the Blackhawks, Rover killed the Detective Sergeant using a firearm.

After Nicholas Angel's death, the Blackhawks moved further on as a mystery. Rover faked his death on behalf of creating a new Blackhawk Leader named Clarkson. Clarkson eventually failed to successfully complete commands as Blackhawk leader, so Rover assassinated him. After Clarkson died, it was clear Rover was behind the plots still.


Rover lied by trying to call a truce on OldCP. The truce failed and another plot to end OldCP by the Blackhawks began.

The Blackhawks planted bombs in the boiler room, the central power source for the island. Just before he went to detonate the programmed explosives, the Crime Office had already figured it out and so Rover was executed in the Town by an Agency sniper.


Some confusions about the death of rover still exist. Did an Agent really kill Rover? Or did Rover choose to die in order to use a new identity? See The Hound and Clegane.
[/quote]In the image above, Rover is...
Thought to have committed suicide Jan 2014
Records may be incorrect in saying the assassinated rover occurred in the same month.

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