Snowfalls was the evil Ice Queen with a cold heart. She was a well known enemy on OldCP, frightening many who saw her around the island.


Snowfalls is the Queen of the Kingdom of Ice. She rules her kingdom alongside Raegon, the Ice King. Snowfalls has made many appearances on OldCP, making her one of the most important enemies in the game. One of Snowfalls' biggest appearances was on DamensDay in 2014, where she famously died in battle.


Life Force

Snowfalls bore the life force of the entire Ice Army all but the King of Ice, Raegon. Raegon used Snowfalls to anchor the existence of the Ice Ghosts and other Ice Lords. Without her, the Ice Army would be weakened. When she died, Raegon transported that power to himself which grew his power vastly.


Snowfalls cursed King Raegon to serve her as a slave, she was Raegon's self punishment to ensure he achieved his goal: to destroy all the people of governmental power.


The Ice Queen was known for her freezing ability. When a user has been touched by Snowfalls, they are immediately frozen.


Summer of 2014

In July, Snowfalls famously kidnapped Bp28 and Cheep, two of the moderators of OldCP. Bp28 was locked up at her palace and Cheep was kept at the void. Bp28 was released within minutes. Both were turned into Ice Ghosts but were later turned back into their normal selves, and Cheep was eventually saved.

War of the Summer

In August, Snowfalls made another appearance, this time warning penguins that Blizzard will be taken over by her army of Ice Ghosts. Rover was also reportedly seen at the scene.

Snowfalls later returned with an army of Ice Ghosts, along with The Hound, Clarkson, and Raegon. This event was called the War of the Summer, with many penguins falling to their deaths as they fought for the empire.

Damen the Emperor ended the battle by shooting Snowfalls, although this was later understood to have been inadequate to kill the foe. Dancebear who was the Legendary Healer at the time healed the innocent penguins who had fallen. This would not be Snowfalls' last war.

War of DamensDay

Surprisingly to all penguins on the island, Snowfalls made a return. Back from the dead, the Ice Queen attacked the island along with other Ice Lords like Raegon and Uzu. Snowfalls was later killed by Sir Gamer the Great, marking her final death.


During the late v10 of OldCP, around the time of the discovery of the ancient underground tunnels, Snowfalls and her undead army of the Undead were discovered. Her body had been lain to rest, but her satanic soul as well as those of other spellbound sorcerers still roamed through the tunnels, slowly but surly creating a plan for revenge. After Pythas' Black Priests had created a way to revive the ghostly Undead, Snowfalls had The Mountain and Malvon, in their new undead bodies, capture The Stag and turn him into her slave, he was spiritually bound to her until his death. Snowfalls and her army of Undead solders never got the chance to launch a major attack against OldCP as Emperor Tennis had ordered the ancient tunnels to be buried for good, trapping the spirits and dark magic deep inside the tombs with no escape.

Possessing The Stag

In a daring attempt of freedom, The Stag had snuck out of the sight of his master Snowfalls and made it to the docks where he revealed to Gamer the plans of Snowfalls and the power of her spirit form. Angered by his sinister actions, Snowfalls then possessed The Stag and launched a raid on the town. He had killed many users before being shot down by Sled, but alas the spirit of Snowfalls had escaped.


Queen of Ice

Aliases Ice Queen, Queen of the Undead
Titles Ice Queen, Ice Ghost
Gender Female
Death Dec. 14th 2014 (DamensDay) - Ski Hill of OldCP
Related King Raegon, Glarthir, Gamer, Clarkson