Derrick joined the Blackhawks as a rare item smuggler. His specialty is items that had connections to influential penguins. He is known to have stolen the red Viking helmet belonging to Rocketsnail and flip flops that Aunt Arctic had signed.

Murder of Gwin

When the Blackhawks discovered Gwin had the legendary red Viking helmet of Rocketsnail, they couldn't resist stealing it and sent Derrick to do the job. He brutally murdered Gwin and stole the helmet from him.

Flip Flop Theft

Derrick is also charged with stealing Flip Flops from a Pookie named Rosie that was signed by Aunt Arctic.


In November of 2013, Derrick decided to write a bunch of Blackhawk secrets and information in a notebook, which he left lying around the Book Room. Detectives from the Crime Office came upon this information, which gave them valuable and crucial on the Blackhawks.


After the discovery of Derrick's notebook, the Blackhawk gang assassinated him. The exact date is unknown but is speculated to be around November 4th, 2013.

Ice Ghost

Derrick made an appearance during the first Ice Ghost War when he along with other influential Blackhawks were resurrected to serve as Ice Ghosts. After the battle and temporary death of Raegon, he was never seen again.



Gender Male
Death November 2013
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