Sofie is the Queen of the DSGHQ, from the help and support from the DSGHQ Community.

Early Life

Sofie was born in Liverpool, UK. She moved to the United States when she was 2.

Before the DSGHQ

Before Sofie joined the DSGHQ, she was bullied by people at her school for liking Club Penguin. One day, her friend told her that she went on a chat called xat, they both decided to check it out. She found people on this chat that actually understood her problems.

She met a person named Fizz, they quickly became friends and she started to be happy once again. She was later introduced to the game of OldCP in late September of 2012 (v2).

That is just the beginning of her story.

Joining OldCP

OldCP v2, v3, v4

Her first username on OldCP was of course IceeSofie, she had been suggested to have that name from her younger sister. When she logged in for the first time she was greeted by a moderator named Sting, they became friends quickly. Another person she met was another moderator named Drew, who thought her the basic moderator commands. It took a long time for IceeSofie to be well known, most of the time she would sit alone or try to talk to someone, that's when she befriended another user named Brndav.


Not much can be remembered during this period of time for IceeSofie, but one thing that will always be remembered is when she changed her name to Sofie and kept IceeSofie as a back up account.

V6 & V7

Sofie believed she was ready for administrator, she made a application on forums. Damen saw it and liked it. About a week later, she noticed something rather strange, she looked at the staff list below OldCP and found both of her accounts 'Sofie' and 'Iceesofie' on the list, she did not know why this happened. She logged onto her account 'Iceesofie' and found out she was a administrator. People asked her for her account 'Sofie' but she refused to give it to anyone. She later gave up the position because she believed that someone else could do a better job than her. She then switched back to 'Iceesofie' and her backup is now 'Sofie'.

V8, V9, & V10

This was when IceeSofie was princess, she got the rank in a unexpected way, and then later gained the title Queen. During V9 she wanted to be different, so she was claimed the craziest moderator and was loved by the people. When OldCP shut down, she was suprised, she was sad after that, she didn't want OldCP to go. During V10, Sofie played a minor role in in Operation Endgame, she was the commander of Team Gamma. After that she started to see that she sucked at roleplay.


With the help from her two friends Brndav and Fizz, she met many people including Damen Spike, Chelsey, Techno, Ghost, etc. It took a long time for someone to listen to her, but she never gave up. She started talking to other users, and then everyone recognized the name of IceeSofie. Soon after that she met Damen Spike himself, they started to have a friendship, and then she got moderator for the first time in v4. From there, Sofie got to meet even more people. She loved moderating, for many reasons, but she also got demoted many times. She truly never gave up, her friends supported her through all of it.


All though her position for administrator did not last long, Sofie was confident and happy that she had administrator, but she told herself that it is a lot of responsibility being a admin. Her second time being a administrator only lasted a week, on the last day, she was tricked by a user to give change a password, she was too kind to users and users took advantage of it. She felt bad for her actions, and she made a goal to herself that she would return to OldCP. The third time she was made an admin was because Damen made the Queen rank have administrator abilities.

IceeSofie as a Administrator


At this time, Chelsey was Queen and IceeSofie was one of the 3 princesses, later some conflict happened between Damen and Chelsey and she was banished for her actions. Later on June 8th 2014, Damen made a short discussion on forums stating that Chelsey was demoted and IceeSofie is the next person in line for the title for Queen. She was very excited, but also nervous, she did not want to make a mistake like she did when she was an administrator. Deep down inside, she knew she was ready for the next step and would do everything in her power to get what she needed, confidence. On June 14th 2014, Cyberwolf gave her the title of Queen, and since then she has been doing what she does best, moderating. Because of her rank, she was able to achieve the rank of administrator for the third time.

IceeSofie becoming Queen


On the first day of Spring in the DSGHQ, Sofie's rank was upgraded while she was in school, when she found out she knew that she couldn't resign and could never loose hope.


On her First Regal Legacy she was sent to the Moth Temple where she was killed. Afterwards, she left and chose a redemption choice but soon after refused both of her redemption offers.

Where is she now?

Sofie is now a full time CPPS Moderator on another CPPS. She plans to visit the DSGHQ when she can, but also move on from CPPS' as a whole and move on with some goals of hers in real life. She has been interested in becoming a YouTuber who is a gamer. She wishes the best for the DSGHQ and hopes it moves forward without her. She's always going to be here in spirit and will always come back if help is needed.


"When you need me, I will be there, count on it."
"Hope is what makes us strong, it is why we are here, it is what we fight for when all else is lost."
"We are all different in the best ways possible."
"Anything is possible on the DSGHQ"
"I will always be the townboy I have always been."
"Shine brighter than the stars"
"I have the best friends a girl can ever have."
"I am different, I love it. I am not another copy."

IceeSofie II

Retired Moderator

Titles Princess (Formerly), Empress/Queen (Formerly), Moderator (Formerly), Administrator DSGHQ (Formerly), Trusted User, Head Mod (Formerly)
Rule Jun. 2nd 2014 -
Gender Female
House Wolf