Chelsey Drake


Chelsey joined the forums of OldCP during 2012 and 2013. She met Damen and soon became friends on Skype.

Moderator Role

Chelsey was a highly trusted and effective member of staff on the game. She spent time with the users and also enjoyed her role moderating.


Chelsey later became an Administrator, she kept the rank for a long time. She went on reproving and keeping in order the forums.

Relationship with Damen

Chelsey and Damen had always been close friends, her role depended on her friendship with Damen. They were very close at a certain point, even going as far as calling each other closest friends. Damen looked out for Chelsey's safety on the internet also, since there were many out there that weren't fully respectful.

Though Damen and Chelsey were good friends, at times they clashed which resulted in some problems.

House Spike

Since Damen and Chelsey were good friends, Damen accepted her request to join his House. Chelsey's friendship with Damen is still evident today as they continue to share DSGHQ House.

Relationship with Role

Chelsey's friendship with Damen helped her keep visiting the DSGHQ, but over time she became less active in the role because of outside activities, which everyone respects.

Problems with Cyberwolf

Cyberwolf and Chelsey didn't find it easy to get along. They both were in high positions at the time, and they needed to get along to work well together. So, Damen called a rather strange private meeting in the Throne Room. During this private meeting, they worked out their problems together.

Cyberwolf and Chelsey making friends!


Chelsey became the first Queen of the DSGHQ. Damen coronated her in the Throne Room of OldCP. Unfortunately, her reign didn't last long. She fell into problems.


Chelsey was responsible for the official OldCP chat. The chat used the xat service and it is commonly used by less savory characters than innocent children. The job of keeping such people out of the chat was paramount to maintaining a safe and clean place for youngsters to be. That was Chelsey's job along with Cyberwolf.

Chelsey had become friends with some unsavory characters which lead her to value them over the security of the chatbox. She unbanned rule breakers on the chat because of these friendships and refrained from taking action against the rule breakers when they broke rules.

Enraged, Emperor Damen Spike banished her from the OldCP game and removed her place as Queen. She became a betrayer of the DSGHQ. Whilst she was banished, Princess Sofie became the new Queen of the DSGHQ. Although it seemed bad, a short time later, she was forgiven by Damen and restored to her rightful position of Princess before Queen Sofie.

Emperor Helper

After Cyberwolf had been demoted and after Emperor Helper Mikomi resigned, Princess Chelsey became Emperor Helper on the 10th of September 2014. Bestowed now with the authority to execute commands in the name of the Emperor, she served as long as 49 days until her resignation.


Chelsey resigned from her role of Emperor Helper after serving for about 2 months. Her official statement was:
I've been doing a lot of stuff at school/after school and I've been spending more time with my friends and I don't want dsg to be something I kind of just push to the side... My only options are to do an awesome job or to let someone else do an awesome job.

After resigning, she also gave up DSGHQ staff roles and game roles. She became Master rank in the community.


After a while of catching up with her life, Chelsey returned to DSGHQ full time, earning her rightful position of Princess back on both the forums and OldCP.

Return of Emperor Helper Chelsey

Months after her promotion to Princess, current Emperor Helper Cyberwolf was fired and left an open spot at the Emperor's side. The decision for the new Emperor Helper came as a close tie between Roberto and Hashir, but ultimately ended in the promotion of Chelsey. She was then both a Princess and Emperor Helper, breaking the set requirements and becoming the first Royal to serve by Damen's side as Emperor Helper.

Reign of Empress Chelsey

Current Empress IceeSofie's reign came to a close when she sacrificed herself to Shrek for rewards. Though she didn't accept any of the offered gifts, she was still no longer Empress, thus leaving the throne open.

Princess Chelsey Spike, being the first heir to the throne, reclaimed her position of Empress and began ruling the empire alongside Emperor Damen Spike.

House Drake

Chelsey Spike became Chelsey Drake when Damen Spike changed the House Spike to House Drake for personal reasons.


On September 27th, 2015 Empress Chelsey Drake was wed to Damen Drake, giving him the right to the Throne, and cementing her reign as Empress.

Chelsey Drake II

Retired Administrator

Aliases Castiel, Milana
Titles Princess of the DSGHQ, Administrator of the DSGHQ, Emperor Helper of the DSGHQ, Queen of the DSGHQ, Empress of the DSGHQ
Rule 2014-
Gender Female
Birthday 26th November 1999
House Drake
Death Murdered by Zaboth on 17 July, 2020
Related Damen Spike

Spouse Damen Spike
Son Romeo Drake
Son Major Drake