Jake's History

Not much is known about the history of Jake01, but it is believed that he first made his OldCP appearance in the early days of April/May. After logging onto OldCP for the first time, he met a Moderator named Terry91 and became best friends with him.

A True Family

Terry91 and Jake became a family suddenly, they cared for each other and remained very close. Terry91 later introduced Jake01 to the formally known families of OldCP: Blair and Hunter.

Jake Today

Jake01 has become a very experienced player as he has earned many ranks such as Snaildom Beta Tester, Master, Detective Helper, and Builder, which he has since retired from. He is very popular on OldCP. He now enjoys playing with friends and always makes sure to report to Moderators if anyone's breaking the rules. Jake01 has now modeled himself into a loyal 'Pookie' of OldCP. Only the future knows what he'll do next. He will perhaps become a future Moderator or Brother of the Penguin Watch. Only the future knows...


Jake was promoted to a News Reporter due to his contribution to the community in his Pookie Standard News Reports.


News Reporter
Aliases Master Jakey
Titles Snaildom Beta Tester, Master, Detective Helper, and Builder
Gender Male
House Freehawk
Related Terry91