On a day in late August 2013, Terry91 found OldCP by typing in Old Club Penguin on google. He registered an account named Terryboyz1, later making an account called Terry91, which was his new Club Penguin account. Also, he created another account called Tigerboy91 which is his first backup account from the new Club Penguin. He quickly made many friends, such as MuscleBob1, Tennis, and Mike676. Terry91's grammar was not good when he first joined, but he quickly got better. Terry91 first met moderator, Kara and was interested in learning about what moderators are and what they do. He started to help more and more people and quickly became a trusted and popular user. Later on, he became a moderator named Rachelle's assistant. Terry91 loved to compete in mod comps and met some of his best friends while competing in them.

Other games

Penguin Chat 4

Oldcp was shut down from the middle of December to the middle of January. Three different games were released during that span. The first one was Penguin Chat 4. Due to his Terry91 account being taken on it, Terry made the account Tigerboy91. His ID was 95. He noticed many glitches and bugs but still enjoyed playing it and talking to his friends.


Next came Snailschat, an old DSGHQ game that Damen briefly brought back. Terry91 quickly registered and got ID as 12. He earned lots of coins playing the games and had fun. He brought many powers and enjoyed them. Snails chat shut down soon after.

Penguin Isles

Damen released his brand new game: Penguin Isles. Terry91 registered account and ID was 41. He got Wizard Staff and had some cool magic. Terry’s favorite activity on Penguin Isles was fishing and caught many fish. Due to many glitches and the return of OldCP, Penguin Isles did not last long.


Terry91 was chosen to be a beta tester for Snaildom and became promoted to moderator before the public's opening. He also became Detective later after being one of Detective's Apprentice. In May 2020, Terry91 was repromoted to moderator and chosen as Queen Helper by Queen Regent Sam after she won Game of Kings. In July 2020, Terry91 was appointed as King Regent after being announced as Warden of Snaildom by Damen.


Damen released a new lego game, called LeoRPG. Terry91 was excited to play, he registered and got an ID of 36. He had a lot of fun times with LeoRPG game, such as weapons and challenges.

Becoming Moderator

After OldCP returned, Terry91 quickly registered a new account with an ID of 17. Then he created another account named Tigerboy91 with an ID of 28. He continued to help many users. One day, there was a mod vote where users selected other users that they want as moderator. The majority of the users voted for Terry91, and he was promoted to moderator for the first time until March, where due to apparently changing passwords, he was demoted and banned. It was soon discovered that he was hacked, and was unbanned. He was re-promoted to moderator on April 6th, his birthday. Later on, he received a firearm for the War of Damensday. It was removed soon after.

Joining New World Order

After TerryDJ became administrator, he was approached by one of DRAKEHALLs in private with choices to either join NWO (short word for New World Order) or get demoted. He didn't want to lose admin rank, so he ended up joining NWO.

Creating an alter-ego user

In late December 2016, TerryDJ was an administrator at the time and couldn’t go to popular which was "great forest clearing" due to being part of NWO. TerryDJ felt that it would be suspicious if he logged into his other accounts, so he instead created a completely new account named Vasco.

Leaving OldCP & Returning

After TerryDJ's demotion from Administrator to Moderator in September 2017, he decided that it was time for him to focus on himself, becoming more inactive towards OldCP. In around mid-2018, he then officially left OldCP as a final visit. In April 2020, Terry91 was asked by Jake01 to support his Underdogs Team for GOM. He initially didn't want to come back, but he feared regretting it later. He created a new account named "Lewis12" and felt more likely to stay after using it for few days. He decided to log in his main account "TerryDJ", and was quickly crowded along with a "happy birthday" message on his birthday.

Becoming Emperor Helper

In late October 2020, Terry91 was chosen to become Emperor Helper on OldCP, Forums, and Penguin3D. He did his best to help as much as he can until he resigned from the position in January 31st, 2021.


While Terry91 has become inactive towards OldCP, he is currently focusing on his life more. He enjoyed DSGHQ because through it, he learned new things every day. Many users like him and enjoy his presence.


Retired Admin

Aliases TerryDJ, Tigerboy91, Terryboyz1
Titles Lord, Imperial Knight, Wise Moth, Moth Ninja, Detective, Penguin Watch Captain, Moderator, Head Moderator, Prince, Administrator, Emperor Helper, Snaildom Warden
Gender Male
House Ren
Related Jake01, Tech71, CoffeeCow, Bp28, Bob