Penguin Watch

The Penguin Watch is a secret organization of mediators who have kick and warn abilities on OldCP. They are essentially undercover moderators.


The Penguin Watch began on the 11th March 2014 when Damen posted this discussion:

People immediately started applying to become a Brother/Sister of the Watch! Example:

Notable Penguin Watch Members


Scott, notably the most famous Penguin Watch member, and first Senior Captain of the Penguin Watch. Scott was a Penguin Watch since the very beginning, earning Penguin Watch Captain, and then the highest prestige of all, Senior Captain. Scott transformed the Penguin Watch through unprecedented times. Scott has once again been promoted to Senior Captain as of January 2021.


Kara was within the Penguin Watch as well since the beginning of time. She had risen up the chain of command, and obtained Captain multiple times. Kara assisted in the implementation of the newly designed Penguin Watch base, a true role-model.


CoffeeCow is another highly successful Penguin Watch. Upon accomplishing great things, CoffeeCow's greatest accomplishment was Senior Captain. Upon the resignation/demotion of Senior Captain, Scott, CoffeeCow stepped up to the role as Senior Captain, CoffeeCow is the 2nd Senior Captain to grace OldCP.


  • Senior Penguin Watch Captain [SPWC] (Not Undercover)
  • Penguin Watch Captain [PWC] (Not Undercover)
  • Brother Of the Watch [PW] (Undercover)

    The rank color for the PW is blue.


    The oath of the brotherhood is as followed:
    I [username] vow to never leak my identity as Penguin Watch. I also vow to never abuse the commands given to me or trick any of the OldCP rules. I promise to work with my fellow Penguin Watch peers and I will listen to my Captains. I understand and take full responsibility for my actions, and if by chance I abuse, leak, or do any of the above I shall accept any punishments including execution. (Credits: Scott, previous Senior Captain).

    The Penguin Watch Base on OldCP, designed by Kara & implemented by Scott.


    Throughout the history of the Penguin Watch, an abundance of brothers have gone against the oath, resulting in the highest punishment, execution on OldCP.

Penguin Watch


Founded March 11th 2014
Senior Captain Scott
Captains Katrules, Nepeta, Zen
Senior Captain's Assistant Joseph
Application Master Nepeta

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