Moth Priest Trials

Stage 1

Anyone was allowed to participate in Stage 1. The competitors were separated into Team Tennis, Team Skippy, Team Bashy and Team Jesse. The team leaders trained their members on how to be a good knight and then nominated the best students for the second stage.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consisted of the best contestants from stage 1. Frogs, Kris162, CPManiac, Foxehh, oJackso, and Sleddy were chosen to compete. In each round the contestant had to survive in a one minute sword fight against a trained warrior.

Round 1

In round 1, the contestants fought against Sir Tennis. They all survived and moved onto the second round.

Round 2

At the beginning of round 2, Bashysmelly fought against the candidates, but was replaced by Adawg after the first battle. Adawg managed to defeat and kill all of the candidates besides Kris162, who moved onto the final round.

Round 3

For the final round, Kris162 was given 100 lives and fought against Sir Skippy and Adawg. Sir Jesse was on Kris162's team. Jesse and Kris162 survived the battle and won the round. Kris162 was the only competitor who survived the whole event and was named a moth priest.

Moth Priest Trials


Date Feb 20th 2015
Location OldCP Throne Room
Hosted By Damen
Winner Kris162