The Beginning

Jesse joined OldCP in late 2012 and joined the DSGHQ in 2013, he found OldCP through an old YouTube video. In the beginning, he quickly grew an interest in the game and all aspects of it, including ranks, weapons, the community itself, events, etc. His first-ever friends were old users named LOLZO and djfireant9, who are both no longer active in the community. His good friends when he was a newer user consisted of LOLZO, djfireant9, CocaCola10, CrowFlying, Skippy, afvw6, freddy2462, Tommy0724, and Matthewvacc.


Jesse's first two years of playing went by without him accomplishing anything, he did not get his first rank until two years after joining. In 2014, the concept of Knighthood was introduced to the game. Jesse became interested in the rank and decided to apply to Cyberwolf, who was at the time an Administrator. One day after a session, Cyberwolf summoned Jesse to his igloo and promoted him to Imperial Knight. At the time, when one was promoted to Knight he/she did not automatically receive the title "Imperial Knight", only the name color, but Jesse, later on, went on to earn the Imperial Knight title weeks after his promotion. Jesse, alongside other Knights at the time, was personally trained by Damen with swords, which were newly introduced at the time. Jesse was one of the first few people ever to hold a sword alongside greats like Bp28. Throughout time, he went on to earn almost every single rank available in the game, making him the user to hold the most ranks in the game. Jesse's most interesting accomplishments include that he is the Spring 2017 World Champion, the only person ever to be a 4-time Warlord, most Knighthood reigns, one of the first-ever Moth Priests, was Knight Captain, Warlord, and King of the North simultaneously, and the first-ever Moderator to compete in the Game of Mods.


As previously mentioned, Jesse is best well known for his impact on Knighthood. When he became Knight Captain, he vowed he would do the most he can to make Imperial Knight the best in-game rank out of all ranks. He was extremely devoted to Knighthood, as he has been Imperial Knight over 20 times and Knight-Captain over 4 times. He is the reason why Knight-Captain was made a military-leveled rank in 2017, as Damen trusted him with the responsibility and gave him the ability to promote Knights, which has been since passed down to all Knight Captains after him. He was the first Knight Captain to hold this power. In May of 2017, Jesse named his house after Knighthood, House Knights.

Impact on Sword-fighting

Jesse's sword fighting skills have been highly recognized by the Empire and users since before he became Warlord. Although his sword skills have declined due to aging and no longer being a spring chicken, he developed techniques that would be used by other users and still be used in modern-day sword-fighting. One of his most famous techniques, which is now used by all sword fighters in combat and training, includes the swing then block technique which was created by him in late 2016.

KNIGHTS Military

On June 3rd, 2017, KNIGHTS Military made its first appearance in the game after being purchased for 1,000,000 exploited gold by Jesse to the Empire, without the Empire knowing. When he was given the accounts for the Military, he decided to make Lexrocks and Preston the co-commanders. KNIGHTS is infamous for being used for illegal exploits, their dark lightsabers, murders, and for once being the most powerful and richest military at one point. It was disabled in December of 2017 after his infamous gold scandal. However, in early 2018, KNIGHTS Military was brought back and became larger than before but was disabled after Damen shut down all house Military, which obviously included House Knights. It was never seen again since then. This was until June 2020.


Part I

IOldCP was released to the public at the beginning of 2019, and as Jesse did not have prior access, he decided to register and play the game. He was soon promoted to Administrator by Damen. When Damen announced he was in the need of a Server Administrator, he quickly applied and was later on appointed the first Server Administrator. He was given the file server and database of the game and was trained by Damen and Abushekaus on how to manage them. After days of practice, he was comfortable using the database and file server and went on to be a very successful Server Administrator for the game, until stepping down months later. He is well known for his creations on iOldCP he made for anyone that requested them.

Part II

After several months of the closing of iOldCP, Damen decided to bring back the game with Orlock as the warden, which would eventually become Brit. When he was given another opportunity as server Administrator, he decided to go by "The Professor", or "El Professor". The Professor was arguably the best server Administrator of iOldCP history but unfortunately died with IOldCP during its second closing in late 2019.

The Professor blowing up castlecrypt to help a prisoner escape from jail


Although Jesse has been very loyal for many years, it is no secret that his time in service hasn't been perfect for him at the most of times. In 2014, he was trialed for murdering Kara after misunderstanding orders from the Emperor and was sentenced to death. In August of 2017, Jesse was kicked out of a Warlord tournament while defending his title for cheating by adding extra health to his player using his Military. He also discovered a secret Military command which gave him the ability to turn into any creature, which was removed shortly after him publicly turning into a djinn. When transforms were made refundable, he found a way to exploit gold by using KNIGHTS Military. Later on, in December of 2017, he was sentenced to death after exploiting gold, misusing his military, and giving people gold who needed it. He was referred to as Robin-hood for his acts, but he did pay the price after he was caught by Tennis.

POTM Explosion

On February 29th, 2020, Jesse mass murdered everyone as a message of his under-appreciation by the Empire for many years. He threw a glass bomb which instantly killed everyone in Death Mountain (the same room where he was first executed in 2014). He was then considered as a turncoat to the Empire, until his redemption a few months later.

Last Redemption

After being forgiven by the Empire and taking some time off, Jesse went on to earn Free Fighter, Moth Wise, and Imperial Knight. He later competed to win the title of Das Warlord in the same month as his return. After being Das Warlord for a short amount of time, he decided to compete in the Warlord competition, which we would win on May 17th, 2020. He was given a sword of valiance for his astonishing victory. His Warlord reign consisted of hunting down criminals, hunting down shinobi, and protecting the crown from any threats.



Aliases Blackfyre, Jes, Jughead, The Professor
Titles World Champion, Lord Commander, Knight Captain, Warlord, Royal Executioner, Free Fighter, Imperial Knight, Das Warlord, North Warlord, North Legion, Legion Commander, North Knight, Prince of North, King of North, Wise One, Most Wise, Moth Priest, Moth Ninja, Blind Monk, Wizard, Game Host, Wise Healer, Team Leader, Hand Guard, Black Hand, Penguin Watch Captain, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Radio DJ, News Reporter, Black Hand, Press, Chief Editor, Moderator, Head Moderator, Administrator, Emperors Guard
Gender Male
Birthday 16th December 2012
House Knights
Related Dice, Pablo, CocaCola10, Crowflying, Lylance, matthewvacc