Finding DSGHQ

Adawg found the DSGHQ in September of 2013, in the late v4 early v5 era of Oldcp and found the Forums later on in October of 2013.

Becoming Popular

After a few weeks, Adawg became popular around the DSGHQ and then he finally got the rank Master. This was quite an achievement for the new-comer Adawg. He soon had many friends and was finally on his way to earning a new rank.


At the end of 2013, Adawg became a Penguin Watch. He knew he wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but he couldn't hold it in. He leaked his rank to Tennis on another cpps called flippr. A few weeks afterwards, Damen asked Adawg if he had played flippr and leaked. At first Adawg lied knowing that his fate was soon to come, but finally told the truth. There was a trial and was found guilty of Treason, he was executed moments afterwards, and was IP-Banned on all of DSGHQ

Returning to DSGHQ

After three months, Damen gave Adawg another chance and unbanned him on all of DSGHQ Games. Adawg soon had the title Turncoat, and was later on relieved of the title, and became a normal user again.

Earning Master Again

After one month after returning to the DSGHQ, he earned the rank Master once more, and was trusted by the Emperor Damen again.

Earning New Ranks

In early v9 Adawg became a Detective of the DSGHQ, he was the first of the v9 era and many came after him.

DSGHQ World Champion

In the Summer of 2014, Oldcp was attacked by the Iceghosts. The Blackhawks rose as Ice Ghosts and the Ice King Raegon and Ice Queen Snowfalls were lingering around the island, turning innocent users into Ice Ghosts.

After Damen logged on and shot Snowfalls, he gave Adawg and a few other users a gun. He gave Adawg the order "Finish the Job". Adawg knew what he had to do, and followed Raegon and Dancebear the Legendary Healer to the Dock.

As Dancebear was holding off Raegon, Adawg fired his gun, and Raegon fell flat on his face. Oldcp was victorious, and Adawg became the Champion of Oldcp and DSGHQ World Champion.

PW Captain

In early 2014, Adawg achieved the rank of Penguin Watch Captain. This rank was very special for him, since he committed treason for leaking, this rank was special to know that he was now a very trusted user of Oldcp.

Forums Moderator

In September of 2014, Adawg became Forums Moderator. Adawg had achieved his dream of being a moderator, and made sure that he would be the best he could.

Snaildom Beta Tester

After earning Forums Moderator, the Snaildom Beta Testing ranks were being given out, Adawg was shocked to see that he had the Badge of "Snaildom Beta Tester", and this rank would lead to more of his dreams that he could imagine.

Snaildom Moderator

During the Beta Testing, Damen had a session for all Beta Testers to meet at the Throne room of Snaildom. There Damen quietly selected users from the Beta Test Group to be his first Snaildom Moderators, and one of them that he chose was Adawg. Adawg finally achieved his dream of being a Virtual World Moderator.


After Snaildom opened, Adawg made a huge mistake. He swore in front of users and got himself demoted, Adawg didn't grieve because he knew that he was wrong. So he told the users of his wrongdoings in a post and the Emperor appreciated that he did that, and told him that he would get another chance later on.

Oldcp v10

After being shut down by Disney, Oldcp reopened in the Winter of 2014. Adawg kept his title of Penguin Watch Captain, and became familiar with Oldcp Again.

Oldcp Moderator

After a trial, Damen told Adawg that he could give his rank to Tornado, and he would achieve Oldcp Moderator. Agreeing to do so, Damen made Adawg's only dream come true. Becoming a Moderator for Oldcp.


Adawg was found to have done several things meriting a demotion. First reason was being mean to regular user(s) and overly immature at times. He also had abused his position of moderator by using his expression in a negative and disrespectful way towards his older superiors. He was fully demoted on January 12th 2015 to Master of the DSGHQ.

A new Beginning

Since Adawg was demoted, he is planning on starting a new beginning as a Master in DSGHQ.

Warlord Competition & Other Ranks

On January 28th, Damen gave Adawg the Rank: Free Fighter so that he could compete in the 2015 DSGHQ Warlord Competition. Adawg competed and put up a strong fight, but sadly, fell 3rd to last....He is now known as: AgentAdawg

Earning Knight

A few months after the Warlord Competition, Damen held a Moth Priest trials competition, where users would battle warriors to become a Moth Priest. At the competition, while Bashysmelly was fighting, he accidentally killed Sunwolf, due to lag, and was arrested and replaced by Adawg (AgentAdawg). Adawg was on fire that night, and he killed 5/6 of the competitors. At the awards, Damen rewarded Adawg with the rank Knight, due to amazing swordsman skills

Death and Demotion

Adawg was killed by The Mountain after a feud with the Knights and Black Hand in Jail. His account Agentadawg was revived a while afterwords and due to the bad record he had racked up with the staff he was not given back the rank of Knight


Shortly after the Crimezone was reopened, Adawg was chosen to be a Detective by Inspector Hashir and Sergeant Matthewvacc. He has been a loyal Detective and has kept the rank to this day

Earning Moderator

On Oct. 20 2015, Adawg earned Moderator.


Adawg earned Prince in 2016, late January. He became a Royal and Heir to Damen Drake's throne.


After qutting Oldcp in the Summer of 2017 due to the heretical Emperor and Former Owner of Oldp "Charles", Adawg returned in late 2018. Starting to get active again in Summer of 2019, Adawg set on a mission to make his name known in the game once again. He participated in the Warlord Competition of Summer 2019 and won against Lush in the final round of the competition. Then, in October 2019, Adawg lead a successful coup of the Cobian King, TurquitoII, and now holds the title of King of Cobia and is currently running a Skeleton Owned Island of Cobia.

Winter 2019

After conquering Cobia, Angel Cobo declared War on Adawg to get his island back. Unfortunately, due to Adawg being a mortal and not being able to fight back against the OP powers of crimezone characters, he died and lost the island. Adawg now lives as a normal user among the community, but is a mentor to many due to his experience in the community.

Becoming Administrator

After 7 years of being apart of the DSGHQ, Adawg had finally felt like it was time to attempt to move up in the ranks one more. In November of 2019, he made a final push to become Administrator by applying for the rank on forums. The reason of his applying was to help the user-base of the game and to try to make it return to the ways of 2014. He still continues this role today, and is making every effort to better himself and the game.


That is the story of the User named Adawg. A legend of the game, and long time user.


If God put us on earth we have a reason
Comedy is the best Healing
Everybody dies but not everybody lives
Live fast, Die young
Die before 30, Get a mili so my mama worthy.

Adawg Skeleton

Retired Administrator

Aliases AgentAdawg, Robotman, Adawg2
Titles Detective, Moderator, Forums Moderator, DSGHQ World Champion, Champion of OldCP, Oldcp Moderator, DSGHQ Master, Penguin Watch Captain, Snaildom Moderator, DSGHQ 2015 Warlord Competitor, Free Fighter, Knight, Former Emperor Helper, 2019 Warlord Winner, King of Cobia, Administrator
Gender Male
Birthday 1st October 2002
House Skeleton
Related Damen (Brother)