The Beginning

Skippy joined OldCP in early 2014 and met many friends throughout her beginning. Her friends consisted of the likes of LOLZO, thepenguin, lindsay123, Jesse, and more. Although she met many friends, her friends thought of her as annoying and did not really like her. Skippy had a rough childhood on OldCP as her parents left her when she was born. This caused her to roleplay in /jr ava and /jr school in her early years.

Warlord Competition

One day, Damen was in the need of a new Warlord. Hence he declared another series of the annual Warlord Competition. The Empire was in need of more competitors, so Damen let Skippy fight even though she did not have much prior experience. In the competition, Hashir killed everyone but Skippy was the only one left. Due to Skippy just sitting there and doing nothing with full health, she was able to capitalize and kill Hashir to win Warlord. Although she won Warlord, the Empire prefers to forget that it ever happened. It is to this day one of the Empire's greatest mistakes of all time.



Andrew was Skippy's first love in the game. They both went through a lot together and enjoyed talking about kind and respectful topics such as llamas. One day, they broke up and Andrew was never seen again since then.


Kris was Skippy's second love in the game. Skippy and Kris lasted longer than with Andrew because they actually ended up getting happily married. Due to Kris being highly awkward, he did not even talk to her during the after-party. Kris' free parking got annoying. One day, Kris decided to cheat on Skippy by deciding to date Layla, who was Skippy's friend, which caused Skippy and Kris to call it off.


Ollo was Skippy's third love in the game. Ollo and Skippy kept their relationship very lowkey to avoid backlash after her past relationship. Not much is known about their relationship, all that is known is that they would always call each other and that Ollo had a weird voice.


The Revolution Will Be Televised.



Aliases dounia456
Titles Warlord, Imperial Knight, Hand Guard, Moderator
Gender Female