The Beginning

Music found OldCP by looking up "old cp". He registered his first forum and OldCP account under the name Music and has used it ever since.

Earning Master

The first rank Music ever earned was Master He was promoted by Pickle1020.

Demotion From Master

Music was demoted from Master because he did not meet the requirements.

Earning Master Again

Music was promoted to Master again after he fulfilled the requirements.

Earning Forums Moderator

After being a Master for a long time, he was promoted to Forums Moderator.

Demotion From Forums Moderator

After a week or so, Music was demoted from Forums Moderator and was made a Master for the third time.


Eventually, Music decided to leave the DSGHQ.

Music's Return

Music returned to OldCP and Forums after a year or so. He was glad to see a lot of his old friends.

Earning Master For The 4th Time

Music applied for Master and once again was promoted, this time by Hashir. He was very excited to be a Master again.

Imperial Knight

Music was promoted to Knight by Roberto.

Oldcp Moderator

Music was the winner of the Spring 2015 Mini Game of Mods and was made an OldCP moderator.

Resigning From Moderator

Music had retired from Oldcp Moderator and took his position as an Imperial Knight again. Music still remains as an Imperial Knight today.
This is just the beginning of Music's life on OldCP, there is much more for Music to explore and discover.


Retired Moderator

Titles Knight
Gender Male
House Stags