House Stags

Stags is a Royal House of the DSGHQ Empire. It's royal prestige and honour is only surpassed by House Drake.


House Stags was founded in 2014 alongside House Cats. At first the house had very few members but it's popularity and prestige grew over time.


House Stags is ruled by Lord Archie and Lord Tennis, both are Princes of the empire.

Notable Members

List of Notable Members of House Stags:

- Prince Archie
- Prince Tennis, former Emperor
- DanceBear, former Princess
- Lord PenguinDSC
- Screenhog/Gamer, former Knight Captain, Grand Champion
- BP28, former Administrator
- Musclebob1, former Detective Inspector
- Terry91, Head Moderator
- Lord Tommo

House Symbol

Symbol of House Stags:

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