Game of Mods

The Game of Mods, or the Moderator Competition, is a 3-day long rank competition where all participants compete in a war of tasks to become the next new Moderator.


The Game of Mods has been played on all the DSGHQ virtual worlds, but is mostly played on
It was also played on Snaildom and briefly on Penguin Isles.
As of DSGHQ's main game switching to Penguin3D, it has moved to there as well.

Series One

Stage 1

On July 14th at around 5:00 PM EST, Damen made the first ever announcement that there was going to be a Moderator Competition, there were about 30 users on at the time.

The first task was to form a team. The biggest team would win the task.

Key123 made Team Black Hoodies and Journey made Team Freehawk. There were about 17 people on the Black Hoodies so they won the task. Everybody thought that Key123 had won the entire competition right there.

Suddenly, people started claiming that the winner was somebody else, but iLily, Journey, Poas and two other Black Hoodies helped out and said that Key123 was (which he ended up being).

The second task was the run the Coffee Shop, Freehawks & Black Hoodies both won.

After the stage ended, Key123 and Journey were speaking. He had decided to quit the Black Hoodies and give the leader role to iLily, who had tied with Journey during the Stage.

The rule was that whoever lasted the longest as a Moderator, would officially win the competition. Later, iLily was demoted for abusing her rank, so Journey won.

Although before the second series, Journey disappeared and didn't return for a long time.

Series Two

There are no records on this series other than Poas won and Nintendo became the runner-up of the competition on his first attempt.

Series Three

Stage 1

The second series of the Game of Moderators kicked off with a win from Team Freehawks in the first task. Task Two was to run the Pizza Parlor, which involved cleaning, cooking pizzas, and serving them to people.

The third task was to teach pookies a lesson. Since the Game of Moderators was less serious, this sort of thing happened for real...

Before the fourth task, a historical event occurred with the betrayal of the OldCP Agents lead by Rover. The birth of the Blackhawks and the end of Scarlet Myers positive reputation. All the Moderators and Damen were banned by the Agents. Not long after, Damen fixed the problem and everything went back to normal. It resulted in this outline, which did not prove to be entirely so.

In the fourth task, users helped out at the Coffee Shop. After that, the winners for the stage were revealed. The Blue Sparkles, and the Freehawks won the Stage.

Stage 2

For Task 1, the Nerds won. Task 3 was to save the city from disaster, the Blue Sparkles and FBI raced to the rescue, and even arrested a couple of Moderators.

Task 4 was to act like a dog or a cat and "sniff some animal butts". Task 5 was to tell staff why you should be a Moderator.

Task 6 was to train ninjas and fight their own teams. The Nerds won the Stage, despite only winning two tasks. The possible reason that the Nerds won was because they had preformed well in the last task.

Stage 3

Stage 3 was highly anticipated as a suspenseful semi-final. The Blue Sparkles, the Nerds (Youcasters), and the Agents all competed for the top spot in OldCP: the Moderator rank.

In Task 1, the Nerds did a great job and won the task. The second task resulted the same way as the Nerds won again. Task 3 could not be judged, everyone did so well. In Task 4, both the Blue Sparkles and Nerds won, but the Agents were no longer part of the contest and were fired.

Task 5 was to form a band. The Blue Sparkles shocked the audience with disappointment, but the Nerds were confident, and thus the Blue Sparkles were fired from the competition.

After task 5, the finalists were revealed for Stage 4.

Stage 4

The Final. Task 1 was to make a teaching lesson based on "how to become Moderator". Task 2 was to throw a Dance Club party. YouTubeFan2 was fired, as she did not do much. Task 3 was to make an Office, but some mistook the task for a Coffee Shop instead. HipHop got fired.

Task 5 was to make teams. Then the final three were revealed. Key123, Thisismyname, and Nintendo went on to Task 6 with the other non-finalists. They opened a Pizza Parlor and Nintendo was the delivery head. Then came the final results. Key123 came in third, Thisismyname was the runner-up, and Nintendo was the winner of the series.

Series Four







Big Dippers

Team Brndav

Stage 1

The first task was to think of an idea for a new room. Team Brndav won that round.

The second task was to create a movie. It was won by Freehawks.

The third task was to do various comedy performances at the Lighthouse. Team Nerds did not preform very professionally, whilst team Freehawks did exceptional since they were very well organised. Thus, team Freehawks won 1st place and team Nerds were in 2nd.

Stage 2

Stage 2 involved no short amount of combat, rescuing, and rockin' out. Damen was late as usual, but it began anyway.

The first task was to have one Sensei in your team that would teach Grasshoppers Ninja skills. The main art that the Senseis taught was mortal combat. After a lot of fighting at the Dojo, Team Powers were placed 1st, with Freehawks in a close 2nd!

The second task was to rescue penguins from drowning at the tipping Iceberg. (/jr iceberg) The Powers won the task. Task three, users had to create their own band and perform, Team Freehawks won the task.

The final task of Stage 2, Task four, was to have a fight at the Snow Forts. The Powers won the task again and Team Golden Alphas were fired.

Stage 3

In the first task, you had to work in the News Business. Writing many reports and publishing several stories. Unfortunately, too many people were writing about recent Moderator Competitions which the moderators felt were uninteresting and boring. For the Hoodies, they won that task with their incredible story. However, Team Lean Green Fighting Machines were fired.

In task two, you had to work at the Pet Shop. Some workers cared for the puffles and sold puffles to new owners. Others were cleaning the place to keep it nice and tidy. Others did not do anything at all, just sitting around, chatting about irrelevant topics. Team Freehawks took the win on that task.

For task three, they had numerous soccer tournaments. Team Frogs was against Team Hoodies and Team Freehawks was against Team Powers. In Frogs VS. Hoodies, Frogs won. In Freehawks VS. Powers, Freehawks won.

For the fourth and final task, you had to mine for rare treasures. Bailey found diamond studded ruby slippers, a golden statue of Damen, and found the three Pyramids of Giza and King Tutankhamen with Hashir. For that, Team Powers, Nerds, and Frogs were fired, leaving Team Freehawks and Hoodies.

Stage 4

The Blackhoodies had made it to the Final with Team Freehawks. After a range of tests, the Final 5 were revealed. Pieguy went on to win the series.

Series Five



CP Team Army

Team Emily


Emily from Team Emily won Series Five!

Series Six

Series 6 went by the name of Martius Mensis and was more difficult then any Moderator Competition prior due to the high demand for good Moderators.




Stage 1

The first and second tasks were won by the Bees, but there are no records of what these tasks were.

The Freehawks won task three, but there is no records of what this task was.

Task four was a game of Simon Says, in which the teams found themselves running around the Island. Freehawks won the task.

Stage 2

There are no records of this stage, however team Betas were fired.

Stage 3

The first task of Stage 3 was to assemble your team into a heart shape, the Freehawks won the task and the Betas were eliminated.

The finalists were chosen and tested. Tikiliki proved victorious and won the series.

Series Seven

Stage 1

Task 1 was to run the Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop, Book Store, or Clothes Shop. Next was a game of Simon Says in the Night Club, where players were supposed to only do a command when the command word was said.

In the third task, each team was given a room and a king, a kingdom, the teams were instructed to battle other kingdoms and attempt to capture land for their own. The last task was to create a film. Team Knights won overall.

Stage 2

In the first task, each team founded a school where they taught students how to achieve a Moderator position. Task 2 was to run a radio station. Next, each team held a fashion contest.

Task 4 was a debate between teams whether Summer or Winter were the best season. For the fifth task, each team created a dance routine. The final task was to create a Blacksmith shop and hold sword training classes. Overall the Freehawks won Stage 2. Key123 and Tikiliki won the rank of Imperial Knight.

Stage 3

The first task was to list the rules of OldCP. Task 2 was to grant Damen wisdom. For Task 3, everyone was instructed to be silent until told otherwise.

Task 4 was to run around the Ice Rink. For task 5 each team held a marathon.

Teams were separated and finalists were chosen to compete in two tasks. Task 6 was separated into Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4. Round 1 was to find the Pirate on the Poster, Round 2 the Soda Can, Round 3 the Green Cabinet and Round 4 a Gray Tree. The competition was tied so the candidates moved into a tiebreaker, where they had to locate the smallest Staircase on OldCP.

The final task was to run the Pizza Parlor. Key123, Bakon, and Bailey won the series.

Series Eight

Stage 1

Five teams competed: Freehawks, Nerds, Wizards, Realhawks and Glitz. There are no records of the tasks.

Stage 2

All five teams competed once again, but by the end of the stage, Realhawks and Glitz were eliminated.

Stage 3

After a few team tasks, the finalists were chosen. First, they created a Moderator Application and recited it to the judges. Then, the remaining finalists were given jobs at the Pizza Parlor. Chex performed the best and won the series.

Series Nine

This was the first and only series so far to take place on Snaildom. It took place mere days after public launch.

Stage 1

Four teams competed: Vikings, Wizards, Crime Solvers, Knights.
The first task was to design a quest, Crime Solvers won. Next each team had to design a team shell, and an optional head item to go with it. After a lot of hard work, Vikings won the task.

The final task was to run a Bakery. This task proved to be challenging but the Crime Solvers pushed forward and won the task, as well as the stage.

Stage 2

First, each team was instructed to create a guide to Moderating and present it to the judges, Crime Solvers had the best guide and won the task. Task 2 was to create a sport and play it, team Wizards created an excellent game and were the winners of the task. For task 3, each team had to run a store, the Inn, Blacksmith, Style Store or Bank. Crime Solvers and Wizards tied as the winners. Crime Solvers also won task 4.

For Task 5, all teams had to work together to create a Game of Mods selfie. Leaders had to direct their teams and work together to make the perfect picture. Wizards and Vikings won. Knights were fired from the competition.

Stage 3

The first task was to create a three course meal for the staff, keeping in mind dietary restrictions. Since all teams were exceptional, there was no winner. For the second task, teams were posing as Moderators during an enemy attack, while the staff were the enemies. Vikings preformed the best and won the task. Next each team had to stage a live TV event and were judged on originality, organization and timelines. The Crime Solvers won.

Task four was done in partners within teams. They interviewed each other, and were supposed to be professional. Crime Solvers won once again and the Wizards were eliminated. For the final team task, each team had to create a team application. Both teams did amazing and won the task.

Crime Solvers had won 7 tasks, and Vikings 4. Therefore, Crime Solvers were declared the Team Winner of Series 9.

Finalists were chosen and given the task of running the Inn, Sled won the series.

Series Ten

Stage 1

Five teams competed in the first stage, Freehawks, Warriors, Firebirds, Crimesolvers and Wizards. The task was to create a short list of the three most important things a Moderator should be. The Warriors and Wizards had the best list, and won the task. The second task, which lasted around an hour, was to create a business and record their profits. The Crime Solvers won because they had the most money in the end, but Freehawks and Wizards also won a point.

The next task was to host a live TV show and interview three people. Crime Solvers did the best job and won the task. The final task was to write a comedy skit and preform it in the lighthouse. The Freehawks won.

The Wizards, Crime Solvers and Freehawks won the stage.

Stage 2

The first task was to create a shape with your team and present a picture, Freehawks won by making a heart.

The second task was to make a Forums post on how to write a good DSGHQ Wiki article. Warriors won. The next task was to start a war against another team, with archers, knights, wizards and one commander. Wizards won the task and Warriors were fired. Task four was to run a store, Freehawks did the best job and won. Wizards were fired.

The final team task was for each team was to create a set of questions and quiz the other team. Freehawks won making them the team winners of series 10. Next, users from Crime Solvers and Freehawks were given 30 second interviews by the Moderators, to determine which users would become finalists.

Individual Interview for Final

The finalists were: Dancebear, IndigoPalace, Freddy, Key123, Audrey, CoolLloyd, Amandapink30, Saber574, May23, Pinkhearts and Rasberry.

Stage 3

The first task was for each finalist was paired with a Moderator. The Moderator asked the finalist about their skills and hobbies that would help them in becoming a Moderator. The next task was to create a sports product and present it to the staff.

For the third task, the finalists came together to preform a Drama Llama trailer at the lighthouse. Next, each finalist had to prepare a one minute application that they presented to Damen.

The final task was to run the pizza parlor, each finalist had their own job. IndigoPalace was the Parlor Manager, May23 was the head chef and PinkHearts was the delivery manager.

Pizza Parlor Task

In the end, Damen was interested with 4 particular finalists during the final review, May23, IndigoPalace, DanceBear and PinkHearts. He remarked that PinkHearts had more to learn but he was interested in her. May23 and IndigoPalace were ideal yet Damen admired DanceBear's spirit during the Stages. DanceBear became the winner of the series.

Game of Mods Party

Series Eleven

The first series to use the new points system.


A picture of most of the finalists before their individual interviews

Stage 3

Chex won her second Game of Mods.


Team Wolf lead by Cyberwolf won first place during the series eleven Moderator Competition.
Team Wizards, by far the largest and most experienced team, lead by Chex, tied Team Lecturers, by far the smallest and least experienced team, lead by Bashsmelly and Matthewvacc, for second place

Series Twelve

Stage 2

Task 1 of Stage 2 was for the teams to name 4 main qualities that they believed a Moderator should have.
These are the qualities each team gave:

Team Glory: Kind, Understanding, Honest, Helpful.
Team Kacket: Reliability, Patience, Honesty, Kindness.
Team Fireworks: Respectful, Responsible, Helpful, Honest.
Team Topaz: Active, Loyal, Responsible, Kind.
Team Wolves: Loyalty, Honesty, Understanding, Helpfulness.

Team Topaz won this task, as they were the only team that mentioned activity, which is a quality that every Moderator must have.
After Task 1 took place, Kara was given a golden name for being the best leader. Points were now worth 200 instead of 100.

Task 2 was for teams to create a sports event somewhere on the island, and the sports event that was organized the best would win.

Team Topaz practiced some Kung-fu at the dojo.
Team Fireworks had a few Damenball games.
Team Kacket played some hockey at the Ice Rink.
Team Glory surfed at the Cove.
Team Wolves did not participate in this task.

Team Fireworks and Team Topaz were the joint winners of this task.

Task 3 was for teams to come up with a new category for the DSGHQ Forums.
Team Topaz won this task with their idea of a programming category, in which you'd be able to post tutorials, offer assistance and post sample code.

Task 4 was for teams to create a shape with their penguins.

Team Fireworks made an X shape at the Iceberg.

Team Topaz made a 'T' for Topaz at the Dojo.

Team Kacket made a heart shape.

Team Glory made an oval, but unfortunately did not manage to get a photo of their shape.

Team Wolves did not show up for this task.

The winner of Task 4 was Team Fireworks.
Damen also announced at the end of this task that Team Wolves were removed from the competition, and the remaining members were required to join Team Glory.

Task 5 was for teams to make a movie, and the movie that was organized the best would win.

Team Glory did a movie about a basketball game.
Team Kacket did a movie about a dysfunctional family.
Team Firework did a movie about two penguins getting stranded on an iceberg.
Team Topaz did a horror movie.

The joint winners of Task 5 were Team Topaz and Team Kacket.

Task 6 was for teams to create a Moderator training academy, and the best academy would be the winner.
Damen told us that you need to raise $1000. Each student pays $50 to go to the class, so in order to reach their goal, they'd need 20 students.

The winner of Task 6 was Team Topaz, by reaching their $1000 goal.

Team Topaz were the winners of Stage 2.

Series Thirteen

Series thirteen was competed by Team Lecturers of House Lecturers, Team Kacket of House Kacket, Team Crime Solvers of House Crimesolvers and Team Topaz. The winning team was Team Kacket and the series was won by Sadie of House Kacket. It was one of the most highly anticipated competitions and had more finalists than ever before.

Stage 1

Five teams competed in this series, Kacket, Topaz, Midnight, Lecterers and Crime Solvers.

The first task was a Moderator quiz. The winners were Kacket and Midnight. The second task required teams to create a GIF in a very short amount of time. Kacket, Crimesolvers and Topaz were the only ones able to complete this task, and Kacket ended up winning it. For the third task each team created an advertisement for an OldCP party.

Task 4: Each team ran a business with $1000 and sold something for a maximum of $10. Crime Solvers won this task. Crime Solvers also won task five, which was to prepare and preform a song. For the last task, each team had to memorize the Barbie theme song and sing it synchronized in front of all the judges. Crime Solvers won.

More information:

Stage 2

Kara, the leader of Team Kacket, was absent for this Stage. So Sadie and McKinlee took over their team. Crime Solvers, however, won the Stage, taking over Kacket on the general classification. Here are some of the tasks.

Task 1: In your teams create a shape out of your team mates and take a picture. Best team work and shape wins.

Task 2: In your teams make a movie. You need a director, actors and camera men. Best team work wins.

Stage 3

Stage 3 the final stage of Series 13 was the second hardest, teams had to do good team work to win. Kacket was the winning team. Here was some of the tasks:

Task 1: In your teams make and practice a dance routine. Performances will be at the Night Club. Best dance wins.

Task 2: All teams must work together to organise a team damenball match. Remember to co operate and plan the matches together. Most organised team wins.

Task 3: Invent a new product in your teams. It can be anything! Include price and manufacturing cost.

The following users were finalists:
    Kara Kacket
    Sadie Kacket
    Heygirl Topaz
    Sophia Topaz
    Mckinlee Kacket
    Mikey Crime Solver
    Bailey Crimesolver
    Bakon Crimesolver
    Abushe Crimesolver
    Mal Topaz
    Boberator Crimesolver
    Deenie Kacket
    Audrey Topaz

The first finalist task was the two minute individual interview with the Moderators and Administrators. The second and final finalist task was to run the Pizza Parlor. Sadie did the best and won the competition.

More information:

Series 14

Tent from team Crime Solvers won Series 14 Game of Mods.

Series 15

Cristal from team Sushi won Series 15.

Series 16

Jilly from team Topaz won Series 16.

Series 17

Katrules from teams Fairytales & Ignite won Series 17.

Series 18

xcandy from House Knights won Series 18.

Series 19

jemi12345 (Jenna) from Freehawks won Series 19.

Series 20

Bloodrayne from house Sushi won Series 20.

Series 21

TomDawg from House Koolaid won Series 21.

Series 22

Koolness1 from House Koolaid won Series 22.

Series 23

Sugar from House Topaz won Series 23.

Series 24

Fox from team Felicity won Series 24.

Series 25

Pablo from team Knights won Series 25.

Series 26

Rouge11X from House Riki Tiki won Series 26.

Series 27

HamilHelp from teams Negus & Noble won Series 27.

Series 28

DanceBear from team Sonic won Series 28.

Series 29

Pic from House Fairytales won Series 29.

Series 30

Warth from team Greetings won Series 30.


After Penguin3D was instated as the main game of DSGHQ, GOM has moved there as well.
Series 30 marked the end of GOM on OldCP, unless the new owners reinstate it.
On Penguin3D, GOM changed in a better or worse way, with no finalists, only in 1 day, and there are no teams, with 5-8 tasks.

Series 1

Task 1

The goal of Task 1 was to tell the scariest story possible at The Cove, which the scariest of them would win the stage.

Sled’s Story: I was sitting alone and there were sounds above me on the second floor. So I started walking up the stairs and suddenly the door slams shut to the room up the stairs and a hand touched my back and grabbed me. It threw me downstairs. When I awoke, I was tied up and I saw the face of my captor.

MLGPenguin’s Story: This is based on a true story. It was Friday the 13th. I was with my family in a park and I heard footsteps behind me and felt someone tap on my back. I ran as fast as I could. I keep thinking of that.

Rouge’s Story: Deep behind the gates of Baraddur. A girl decided to explore. She was walking beyond and didn’t know where she was. Suddenly, she fell through a trapdoor. She looked around. She saw a door and opened it. All she could see was the dark. “Hello?” she asked. She starts hearing whispers. “Close closer…” they said. Suddenly, she can’t move and she is frozen. She runs. It’s like a labyrinth. But she sees the light up above and she reaches towards it. She climbs and almost grasps it. She is so close. A voice comes beside her and whispers “I got you.” She is pulled into the darkness, never to be seen again.

The winner of this task was MLGPenguin, due to Rouge's story being too long, making the suspense sort of die down.

Task 2

The goal of this task was to hide around Providence, being the biggest island in the game, while the Moderators and Damen searched on buggies. The last person found was the winner. After around 8 minutes, Sled, who hid in the water, was declared the winner of the Task.

Task 3

The goal of this task was to have the best dive flip into the water at the Royal Spa.

Although it is impossible to record the flips done, you can feel the awe in this photo.
The winner of this task was Suplen, having the best and most unique flip into the water.

Task 4

The fourth task, was a Ringo race around the island, from the landing strip behind the mountain and back again.

Most of the users competing crashed, and couldn't recover, besides Foxel. Although a Kace beat him (who was a Moderator), he was declared the winner since he was a non-mod.

Task 5

The fifth task's goal was to decorate your igloo in 10 minutes, the best igloo would win. Each contestants igloo was reset for this competition, or done on alts.

Redboy123's Igloo, a single chair

Rouge's Igloo, containing a bed and a suspicious toilet next to it. According to her it was for emergencies.

Sled's Igloo, containing a nicely decorated interior

Suplen's Igloo, would've been the winner but this was made before the competition began

The winner of this task was Sled.

Task 6

The goal of this task was to perform on the stage, with the best performance winning the competition.

The winner of this task was Foxel7u7

Task 7

The final task was to run the Pizza Parlor, which is an icon in every single GOM. Although nobody won, it was likely held to see how the contestants ran with grammar.


After careful review, and a quick chat with the staff, Damen declared the winner of the GOM to be Foxel.

Series 2

Task 1

The goal of this task was to run the Pizza Parlor like an Irish pub, but didn't really work out well as many chaotic events happened like drinks spilling, and overall chaos in the kitchen.

The winner of this task was Alatar.

Task 2

The goal of this task was to perform a musical utilizing instruments from in the game. You could either play with other people, or just play by yourself.

The winner of this task was NDAVID, due to his phenomenal guitar performance.

Task 3

Ringo race from the Lighthouse to the Iceberg, unfortunately the race had to restart in the middle of everything due to unfortunate circumstances.

The winner of this task was KingArthur, winning the 2nd race, and beating Alatar by a suprising 2 seconds.

Task 4

The goal of this task was to create your own farm on Cobia, was likely more of a task to judge peoples grammar and actions towards certain things, but overall was very goofy, with people coming up with random ideas all over the place.

The winner of this task was Alatar

Task 5

The goal of this task was to make jokes at the lighthouse, with some being corny, but in the end Loki ended up being the winner due to Damen laughing at her joke.

Task 6

We don't talk about Task 5.5, the goal of this task was to defeat Bashy in a battle, who was representing Mark Zuckerberg.

The winner of this task was Akkar, although it probably was a little unfair since Akkar was very OP.

Task 7

Moderator interviews, pretty much self explanatory. Alatar, Arthur, Loki, Scubidupa and Danito were each interviewed by Damen, but Akkar who got arrested in the last task kept complaining about this, ruining the whole atmosphere.

This task likely decided the winner of GOM.

Task 8

The final task was the most iconic one, Run the pizza parlor. This was basically already done as the first task, but due to it being so iconic, it had to be held a second time.

Again, there was no winner of this task, as staff likely reported to Damen of peoples grammar, and their behaviour, contributing to the Interview part.


The winner of the 2nd GOM series on Penguin3D was King Arthur, but was met with some controversy, as it always is.

Thank you to Dice for the photos.

Series 3

Unfortunately, there currently are no pictures, unless somebody wants to add some.

Task 1

The first task was to collect as much fish as possible, and sell it to the moderators at the end. Each competitor was given about 10 minutes to catch fish. The most fish caught was 15 by Tasha, but the highest turnout of gold was by Chr1s, who managed to sway 3000 gold from Eiven.

Task 2

The 2nd task was a dress-up competition. Competitors dressed up as whatever they felt like, and walked up onto The Stage to be rated by the Moderators. The winner of this task was Chr1s, as he took on the style of Terry91, giving everybody some nostalgia.

Task 3

The third task was a race from The Mountain, all the way to The Cove. Unfortunately, Zargoth the Dragon interrupted this, attacking several competitors and spectators, having everyone move to Cobia, which Zargoth also followed everyone to, but didnt attack until the Task was completed. Tasha was the winner of this task, although Kace nearly won as he had a head start, but his ringo got stuck in the mountainous terrain.

Task 4

The 4th task was held in Cobofort, due to Zargoth still chasing everybody after the events of the 3rd task. The 4th task was Moderator interviews, which included Chr1s, Kace, Tasha, Abaddon, Paulish, and Zeon. There was no winner of this task as it only was to decide the winner of GOM after the final task.

Task 5

The 5th and final task was to run the Pizza Parlor, a task based to judge on peoples grammar skills. Damen and major were together at a table, Danito was at a table by himself, and Loki and Zes were together at a table as well. Each were served accordingly to the remaining contestants, as unfortunately Paulish and Tasha had to leave, and Abaddon no longer wanted to compete.


The winner of the 3rd Official P3D GOM was Kace, being chosen due to his past experience.

Game of Mods


Date June 2013 - Present day
Location OldCP, Snaildom, Penguin3D
Hosted By Damen Spike