Hashir originally found the DSGHQ by discovering OldCP on a CPPS blog. He joined the game with the name Hashir and wore a fish outfit with a red lei. At the time he had joined, the Game of Mods Summer Competition of 2013 had just ended. He was interested in taking part in the next Moderator Competition.

Getting Involved

At the following Game of Mods Competition in 2013, he became fascinated as he watched the first stage take place and took part in the second stage. He made a new friend with the name of Fizz and based a GOM team on him. Unfortunately, the team lost and he sat out for the rest of the competition! Poas went on to win the competition.

Hashir found OldCP so interesting, unlike other games he had played. He knew OldCP was something different. Hashir became friendly with the staff, even joking around with Damen and other Moderators.



Hashir's career began on the DSGHQ forums, at the time called the OldCP Community before the DamenSpike GAMES HQ was set up. He posted a lot and became one of the first forum Masters.


Chelsey told Hashir he was going to become a Xat Moderator, and she made him one. It became Hashir's second rank in his time on the DSGHQ.


Damen made Hashir an OldCP Moderator along with Thisismyname. It was a large surprise to Hashir as it was one of his biggest dreams at the time.


Hashir helped Cyberwolf with the PSA (an agency ran by Cyberwolf, Penguin Secret Agency of OldCP). He was made the co-leader of the PSA.


Damen held a TinyChat party to announce the next new Administrator. It was Hashir, the newest Administrator. It was his big day, but OldCP shut down after administrating v7 and v8.

Other Ranks

During Cyberwolf's reign, Hashir had earned lots of ranks. It started off with Penguin Watch Captain, then went to Knight, Executioner, Lord, Hand-Guard, and some others. It was one of the most ranks a user had earned in a week.

Prince's Steward

When there was no Prince of the DSGHQ, Hashir became the Prince's Steward while Damen searched for the next prince (who is still reigning).


Hashir returned to OldCP when it was re-opened under the control of the DamenSpike GAMES HQ. Hashir became interested in the Crimezone of OldCP.

Det Sgt Nicholas Angel

Whilst Hashir was a moderator, Detective Sergeant Nicholas Angel was at Hashir's channel (/jr hashir) and he suddenly promoted Hashir to a Detective Moderator.

Entrusted with a Firearm

Hashir was entrusted with a firearm in early 2014.

Detective Sergeant

When Nicholas Angel was killed, Hashir took his place a while after as Detective Sergeant.


Hashir was rehired as a Forums Moderator and started gaining ranks on Snaildom. During the Autumn Game of Mods 2014, Hashir led his team, Crime Solvers to victory for the first time in Snaildom's history. Although Hashir did not win this Competition, a member of his team by the name of Sled did win the Competition.

Detective Inspector

Later on in Snaildom, Damen granted yet another promotion to Hashir. He was made Detective Inspector Hashir, the first Inspector since the inactive Detective Inspector Powell from late 2013.

Emperor's Apprentice 2014

Hashir was accepted as a candidate for the Emperor's Apprentice competition. It took place on Snaildom, and after a whole month of competing, Hashir took the win and became Damen's Apprentice. A hard effort that was worth it.

Retirement and Promotion

When Moth Priests were officially made, Hashir chose to go the way of the Moth Priests. Due to this, he had to retire from Detective Inspector but is Detective Inspector Consultant, to keep the Crime Office in shape.


Towards the end of March 2015, Hashir was once again named an Administrator, this time on all of the DSGHQ games/services.


On July 21st, 2015, Hashir was demoted from his rank of Administrator back to Moderator due to Damen's new Administrative Order.

Detective Inspector

In 2015 when the new case of Mickey was revealed, Hashir was hired as Detective Inspector once again and uncovered some crucial information.

Regaining Administrator

After about of month of supervision by Damen, he felt as though Hashir deserved to be renamed, Administrator. Hashir was promoted once again in August 2015

Ice Child

Hashir was an Ice Child after being reborn by Canadarules, a forest boy. He later became normal.

Commander of the DSGHQ Alliance

Hashir was named Commander of the DSGHQ Alliance during the War of 2015.

Killing Blackhawks

Hashir killed some Blackhawks and led the War knights to victory, who also did very well.


Former Administrator

Aliases Minty, Crusador
Titles Warden of Minecraft, Administrator, Moderator, Minecraft Operator, Detective Inspector, Detective Sergeant, Penguin Watch Captain, Imperial Knight, Royal Executioner, Hand Guard, Moth Priest, Lord of the Empire
Gender Male
House Crime Solvers [Disbanded]
Related Damen, Nicholas Angel, Bob