Penguin3D Land Ownership

The current state of leadership for Penguin3D lands.

Southern Empire

The South Island of Penguin3D
See: The South Penguin3D

Owned By: Emperor Damen Drake and Empress Chelsey Drake
Paternal House: House Drake

Axel Island

Northern island where the climate is extremely cold
See: Axel Island

Owned By: King Orbay Hydra
Paternal House: House Hydra


Providence Island (Originally Providencia Colony of Das). Radioactive island north of the mainland and southeast of Dorval.
See: Providence on Penguin3D

Owned By: King Kace
Paternal House: House Septim


Das, jungle islands east of the mainland.
See: Das on Penguin3D

Owned By: King Kabal
Paternal House: House Belmont

Black City

Owned By: King Ahimoth
Paternal House: The Black Tower


Owned By: King Orbay
Paternal House: House Hydra


Dorval Island (also known as Spiral Isle), a shipbuilding trade island at the north pole a few miles south of Ach-To.
See: Dorval on Penguin3D

Owned By: Queen Luna
Paternal House: House Estrella


Cobia Island, the homeland of the Cobo family. It is a sandy island southeast of Das, rich in gold.
See: Cobia on Penguin3D

Owned By: King Regent Kabal (bashysmelly) of House Belmont for House Drake
Parental House: House Drake // House Belmont

Ach To

Remote island north of all other lands
See: Ach To on Penguin3D

Owned By: "Shaman" Glarthir
Paternal House: The Forest

Stone Isle

Stormy island north east of Cobia made mostly of rock
See: Stone Isle

Owned By: King Isaiah of House Hydra
Paternal House: House Hydra


Continent in the North-West
See: Beleriand

Ered Gorgoroth

See: Ered Gorgoroth
Owned By: King Raymond
Paternal House: House Septim


See: Gondolin
Owned By: King Kace
Paternal House: House Septim


See: Himring
Owned By: Queen Loki
Paternal House: Vultures


See: Menegroth
Owned By: Queen Ungoliant
Paternal House: Spiders


See: Nargothrond
Owned By: Queen Annalle Ardamire and King Enaril Ardamire
Paternal House: House Ardamire of Aman


See: Vinyamar
Owned By: Queen Regent Teigan for Emperor Damen Drake
Paternal House:The Black Tower

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