SecurityGuy/Orlock first joined in June 2015. His parents are Randal and Numeniel. His first rank was War Knight which he earned after reporting an illegal weapon he had received. He was soon after demoted due to a glitch with a firearm being pulled out when it wasn't there.

Path of Wisdom

SecurityGuy's next step was becoming a Wise One on OldCP after being demoted he took a short break from OldCP. Once he came back he became interested in learning about wisdom. He took the Wise Test and passed it and then Jacobg627 the Grand Most Wise said he would become a Wise One. However, the game went down for a few months. When the game returned he met up with his old friends and saw Fable who was now the Grand Most Wise. Fable promoted SecurityGuy to Wise One and he had achieved the rank of Wise One. After a few months of SecurityGuy being Wise One OldCP was given to Charles which then began SecurityGuy's next chapter.

SecurityGuy becomes Grand Most Wise

OldCP was now under the Charles Era and so all the ranks reset. SecurityGuy had immediately begun training to become Grand Most Wise. He asked Charles to make him it and he agreed to make him the Grand Most Wise. SecurityGuy now started to build up his Wise Council. A few months later Damen returned to OldCP which began SecurityGuy's next chapter as Grand Most Wise.

Damen returns SecurityGuy becomes GMW again

Damen had returned to rule OldCP again and now that SecurityGuy had experience as Grand Most Wise he went for the rank again. Damen promoted SecurityGuy to Grand Most Wise and these became the golden days of wisdom. SecurityGuy grew his wise council and created the Wise Moth Chambers and worked with the High Priest. One day in October of 2016 would be the day he turned on the Empire. SecurityGuy walked into the Wise Moth Chambers one night and saw 2 DRAKEHALL who recruited him to the New World Order. He was then given the task of murdering Prince Majorhalo which he would regret and get demoted for.

SecurityGuy attempts to earn his trust back

SecurityGuy then earned Wise One back a few weeks later and worked his way up to Most Wise but he was still secretly evil. Along the way, he was given High Priest. The Legion also attempted to betray him but he earned their trust back.

SecurityGuy becomes a Sith Lord

SecurityGuy then lost his trust again after a while of talking with Dragon. Dragon introduced SecurityGuy to Cyrus the Nazgul. Cyrus gave SecurityGuy a lightsaber and was told to attack people thus began his days of Sith Lord.

SecurityGuy was taken to Providence Isle and this was his first time on another island and he completed his Sith training. He was given the task of killing TheWitchKing in a fight which he succeeded in and became very powerful. He then sought control over Providence Isle and he took Top Dogg after Cyrus told him to take it. He was killed the next day after going AFK. The Legion then spoke to SecurityGuy and told him to choose a new name and he chose the name "Orlock". He was given Black Bishop and attended meetings for the Legion.

Orlock's worst decision

In July of 2017, Orlock was given the task of murdering Damen which would ruin his reputation forever. He knew this would be impossible to do but he still managed to do it with Dragon. This would be the day he regretted forever. He also spent most of his time in jail and was ipbanned afterward.

Orlock goes to Das

Orlock's next chapter was making it out of jail to get to Das. But first, some things had to happen. He met Ganon who was the Black Cardinal and promised him he would take him to Das. Ganon was soon killed and then Orlock became the Black Cardinal. To celebrate Orlock's new promotion he blew up the libraryowisdom with the help of Cyrus. After a long time of waiting in jail, it was time for him to break out of jail and so the evil OLDCP military let him and his draconian friends go to Providence. Once he arrived in Providence he was shot at and survived and then AshenSunderland the son of JamesSunderland let Orlock and his draconian friends escape to Das. Orlock spent a lot of time training on Das to become more powerful and learn new spells. One day he was told to return to the south finally and then he had to attack and he ended up getting killed.

Orlock wars for Dorval

In October of 2018, Orlock declared war for Dorval. With the help from Flame, Lysander, The Fangsworn, Goblins, and a Dragon Orlock was now warring for control of Dorval. The war lasted for 2-3 weeks and then Flame left him mid-war. Orlock was now mainly fighting on his own and nearly lost Dorval. He only died once the entire war because iBlue killed him when his wifi went out but he still managed to win the war and successfully held Dorval for 24 hours.

Orlock betrays Pythas and quits evil for life

The Ghast told Orlock that he was going to hold a rebellion against Pythas. Orlock agreed to take part in the rebellion and Pythas killed the Ghast and then shrank Orlock and removed all of his powers. Pythas was now angered at all of the Draconians and removed their powers when only Orlock agreed to betray him. After a few weeks of being powerless, Accal came to Orlock and gave him one last chance to join the good, and Orlock accepted.

iOldCP Opens

iOldCP was opened up and then Orlock became interested in trying to run the game after Zelrus, the Emperor at that time was inactive so Damen allowed Orlock and Wilf to take over. Orlock would run iOldCP for v1 and part of v2 and then Brit would take over for the rest of v2 and then iOldCP would close.

Orlock turns evil again...

Orlock had turned good again and served as part of the seven maiar who were appointed by Eru to protect the world from evil while also being the King of Dorval still he went through many challenges he went to hell to help kill the Legion once and for all and then in May he lost his land temporarily after being executed by Jesse, for abusing the si glitch. Orlock's son Khal took over as the new King of Dorval and married Nate. This angered Orlock and then Orlock began speaking with Myrus and the PIG to help Orlock get his land back. Orlock would then continue ruling King of Dorval under Pythas.

iOldCP Reopens

After discussing the possibility of iOldCP returning with Damen, Orlock was able to convince iOldCP to return once again which was the other OldCP that was managed by Orlock. It would be to open every Monday and Thursday. iOldCP would close for a final time when it merged with OldCP on 4/24/2021.


Orlock is currently one of the Warden's of OldCPv16 and is the king of the south to this day.


King of Dorval/Server Admin

Aliases SecurityGuy, Curumo, Orlock
Titles War Knight, Wise One, Grand Most Wise, Moderator, King of Dorval, Wizard, Arch Wizard, iOldCP Emperor, DB Helper
Gender Male
Birthday 19th February 2004
House House Inferno
Related Milkshake, Randal, Numeniel, Loki, Flame, Khal, Tasha